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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScagBoy09, Feb 17, 2007.

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    I went in today to talk to my first commercial property owner. The owner wanted me to put in a bid in order to see what I would want for each mow. I know what a bid is but I am not quite certain on how to lay one out professionally. I would appreciate any input, thanks.
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    Make it look nice. Include the name of the compamy, there address, how long the term is (seasonal or yearly) then write down everything you'll do (mow, edge, trim, blow, pickup trash, fert., mulch flower beds, whatever they need that you can do), then add it all up and that can be your bid. I usuall put down the total but then if its a 12 month contract divide it by 12 months so it makes it look not soo expensive.
    You can always go to Staples they have templates of these. I just bought a 50 sheet bid book for $10. Its good if the customer wants a bid right then and there and you don't have the time to type one out.
    Also the software pac that they offer here has it in it. Its like $70 but it worth it.
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    Ok, i'll have to look into that. I bought avery business cards from there and they turned out great. I will have to check into the templates and possibly the software too. I have plenty of time, since it is February but I still want to get them in before he gets a pile of them come closer to spring. I just wanted to kinda see a general lay out so I dont make myself look like an idiot. Thanks a lot for the input.
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    Here's what mine looks like....

    April 24, 2006


    Enclosed you will find the proposals for the lawn / property maintenance for the Bungalows on Sportsman’s Drive located in Chisago City for the year 2006.

    Spring Clean-Up will be completed by May 15th, weather permitting. Spring Clean-Up shall include dethatching all yards, removal of all foreign material from lawns, rock beds, bushes, sidewalks and steps. This does NOT include repairing sod damaged by the snow removal contractor. Fall Clean-Up will include raking and removal of all leaves from lawns, rock beds, sidewalks and steps.

    Fertilizer applications will be done 3 times by a licensed applicator. Copies of the license are available upon request. The first application will be done before May 15th, the second before July 15th, and the third will be completed no later than September 30th.

    Herbicide applications will be done twice. The first will be applied prior to the emergence of broadleaf weeds in early spring, usually before June 15th. The second will be done before September 15th. One application of pre-emergent weed control will be applied before May 15th, in prevention of unwanted grasses. Properties will be marked with flags when spraying has been completed.

    Lawns will be mowed to maintain a well kept appearance, between a height of 2.5”- 4.5”. Mowing will be done weekly, on a specific date to be discussed at a later date. Also, lawns will be trimmed around all foundations, plantings, displays, and other objects in mowing areas. During this weekly mowing, all garbage will be picked up across entire property and disposed of off-site. Also, weeds in rock beds, cracks of sidewalks, parking lots and any other location outside of the mowing area will be sprayed, any of which that are greater than 2” in height to be pulled and disposed of off-site.

    Any other services, such as removing trees damaged be wind, etc., services not outlined in the bid, will be done at a rate of $90 / man hour plus the cost of supplies. All extra services will have a quote approved prior to any work that is to be done.

    We the contractor, will contact the management, to discuss any concerns or problems either they or the mowing crew has noticed about the property, whether it is damage to the property or in taking care of the property. At this time the mowing crew should be notified of any problems that should be addressed during the next visit.

    Billing will be over a period of six months, from May 1st, 2006 until October 31st, 2006. Invoices will be sent out the first of the month, and are due by the 20th of the month, unless prior arrangements are made.

    The pricing for the Chisago City location is $300 / month.

    All pricing includes sales tax when applicable.

    This will be my 18th year in the lawn care business. Copies of references, liability insurance, work comp., and a list of equipment to be used, along with any other information is available upon request. I would like to earn your business again, possibly meeting in person to discuss any problem areas.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to place this bid, and feel free to call me at

    I do all of mine on Microsoft Publisher, basically the same thing, just change the names / locations / prices.

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