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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by davis45, Apr 27, 2008.

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    well let me give you some numbers just from your applicater license. I used to do $700 a day for seven months with a push spreader and a hundred foot sprayer from a van. Then we got ride ons and It went up to 1200 a day even had days of 1600.
    Is that enough money for ya? Thats just one aspect of the business.

    Never let anyone say there is not money in this business just smile and cash your checks with confidence and let them work there 12 dollar and no cents a hour. People in general do not like to see people succeed in life. I know I quit a 15.00 an hour job to cut grass are you nuts? Not laughing much anymore but love to borrow money.
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    Thanks Frue. Can you guide me towards a good ride-on? I already have some large accounts lined up for next season.
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    i have about 100 weekly maintenance accounts now plus numerous landscaping jobs and mulch deliveries, etc. and im solo at the moment... should net around $100,000 this year but working like a dog sun up to sun down 6 days a week. no way to really live. ill likely be hiring 2 guys this year to attempt and train them to do the mowing route. at $10-15/hr each, ill be paying out around $30-40k in salary for the year, ideally leaving me with $60-70k for myself plus free time to grow the business and to start up some other things ive been wanting to pursue.

    im finding it very hard to "let go" of me doing all of the work. however i can no longer expand as a solo operator.

    this was a bit off topic but gives you an idea of my net income solo. with 2-4 good employees you could fairly easily net 100-150k a year in my area (southern new jersey shore)...
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    Perma green makes a good one, but I prefer the ones pre lesco days with the robin engines. But perma green is a good start just be prepared to wrench. Well worth the wrenching to put the numbers up.
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    Great, thanks alot guys, the last couple post have really helped me out. Now im looking forward to mowing a cemetery at 6am at 30 degrees tomorrow haha.
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    I believe this, yes. "Lawnboys" for the most part. Or - "The kid/guy who cuts the grass..." I've heard it, hear it, and see it everyday. There is a whole thread going on dedicated to us 'unskilled' workers that choose to work in a 'no skill' industry.... as they put it.

    Whatever! I say to that.

    But the others commenting on your thread are right.
    You can make as much as YOU want to make... providing your smart about it, and you work hard for it. Ya gotta have goals. Forget dreams... come up with some goals and achieve them.
    ie. - a commercial account, or two for next season. Already have em'? Then set up a goal that you'll have 4 accounts next season.... Don't like commercial work? Then go after more residentials. Whatever your goals are, go after them.

    Can you make a living? Yes, of course.
    ya know the old saying you heard while growing up? You can be and do anything you want in life... Its' true.... if you wanted to be a doctor, you could, as long as you worked hard to become a doctor... lawyer, fireman, police, whatever...... you just have to focus and stay focused.

    Motivation story - I went through exactly what you're going through many times already. Got out of the biz, back in, back out... but now I'm focused. Started up again from scratch less then 3 years ago. This past year I locked down 3 commercial contracts worth close to $75,000.00 and about 45 residentials that will bring in another 15-20 g's.
    It's not a whole lotta money, but it's pretty good for only being in biz for 3 years because I set myself some goals. I'm gonna have expenses, taxes and whatnot, but I'll be left with a fair share of money. I have a relatively new truck, good equipment, a mortgage, a dog, a social life...
    bottom line... I'm making a living.

    set some goals, work hard for em'.
    remember, people create their luck.
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  8. Military Lawns

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    We are all supposedly grown on this site! Maybe you have been babied and not exposed to tough love, but that is exactly what this is! Make no mistake about it, we are in the grass cutting business here not baby sitting! This young man needs to know the perimeters in which he is operating in. If I pushed him over the edge while inspiring to cut grass, then rest assured that you and my young friend are on the wrong site and most definitely in the wrong business!

    I will not be as ignorant as you and suggest that someone be quiet. I will however, recommend that you pick your thoughts and words wisely when responding.
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    Military Lawns, i appreciate your comment even though it is not toally a positive attitude towards me. However, I am not just a 'grass cutter'. I have landscape knowledge, pesticide applicator, and tree service expierence. I am also grounds maintenence for Cemetery, not just a mower boy.
  10. Military Lawns

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    I do apologize for that my friend. What I am saying is that you obviously have many skills. For starting out, concentrate on the one that you are really good at and build from that. If you use your applicators license, then you can rest assured that one of those customers are going to insist that you all cut their grass, etc. Hope this clarifies my position.

    The Very Best To You,


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