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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bigcountry01, Jan 21, 2007.

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    I want a more professional look for my business and im getting some postcards made up next week and i want to have a logo that i can put on them. Those of you who have a custom logo how did you do it or who did it for you? how much can i expect to spend? nothin too fancy,wanna keep it simple. thanks for any help
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    A lot of people here have used , including myself. It's a good place to check out. Here's how it works; You pay some money up front (usually via Paypal) and then the owners of the website hold that money in escrow. Then you start your "contest". And you are trying to attract a bunch of freelance designers from all over to compete for your "prize." It's a forum setting, much like Lawnsite. Your "contest" is basically a new thread.

    You give a description of your company, what you are looking for, etc. and then the designs start coming in (much like replies to a thread). Usually the designs that come in first are just rough drafts. And you can respond to each one and say, "Well, I like that idea, but can I see it in other colors?" or whatever. Then you keep working with the designers whose logos you like until you finally decide on one for good. Once you've decided, you announce that you're finished and who you've chosen. Then they get the prize money and they email you the logo in whatever format you ask for (ask your printer what they want).

    One tip about design outpost - the more money you put in the pot, the higher quality designers you will attract. A lot of the better designers there will just ignore the $50 contests. It's not worth their time.

    I've used design outpost a few times but finally I found met someone there - a lady from the Wash. D.C. area who I just love. So now I just use her exclusively for all of our design stuff. She does my logo work, designs my business cards, vehicle logo and layout, my door hangers and flyers, etc. She's fantastic and very affordable.

    Here's a sample of a door-hanger she made for me just a few weeks ago. This cost me $150.00 front and back.

    Anyway, if you want her contact info. just PM me. Otherwise, I suggest trying design outpost.

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