Making a proper house-skirt for water drainage.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by homerj, Sep 20, 2001.

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    [note: I first posted this in the Landscaping forum before realizing that there was a homeowners forum. Hence, I've moved it here. Sorry 'bout that!)

    I have a a couple, regarding a house-skirt I'd like to get finished this fall. I've asked a few local landscape centers (maybe the wrong place to go for advice?) about these issues and haven't really gotten any real feedback.

    Over the past 2 years we've been preparing our basement for finishing it off. The main issue has been to stop water from coming in (the previous owners, for some inexplainable reason had the yard sloping TOWARDS the foundation, and, of course, water problems because of that).

    We spent last summer re-grading the yard (with soil and grass) and running gutters out further and we've reduced to the water infiltration to 3 minor spots. One spot is due to a poorly poured sidewalk.

    The other two spots are at the two corners of the house. One, on the south side, gets most of the gutter run-off from one side of the house. The one on the back side (north) never sees the sun, so during long periods of rain, the ground becomes saturated.

    I'm planning on fixing these two spots by skirting the house with rock and drainage tiles, which will run down the front hill towards street level--which is below the basement floor level. This should prevent the ground from becoming saturated along the house. It will also extending the gutter run-off by about 15 feet.

    The skirt will go around half of the house from the rear, around the east side, and around part of the front. It will be 4-6 feet out from the side of the house. At the front of the house, they will connect with the gutters, and I will run a large 'pipe' underground down the hill in front to connect with the future drainage tile and drain system behind the retaining wall. (I'm still debating if I should run the drain out onto the sidewalk, as everyone else in the neighborhood does, or try to do the 'green' thing and actually install a dry-well when I re-do the retaining wall next summer).

    Anyways, my questions:

    1) I was told that instead of using plastic as a base for the skirt, that I should use industrial (commercial?) neoprene fabric. Bolt one side to the house foundation, and cover with rock. The problem is that every landscaping place I go to, they have never heard of such a material (they all recommend plastic). Is this a real thing? Anyone know where to find it? Alternatively, I was told that I shoudl use Pond Liner instead.

    2) Drainage tile. Any thoughts? It appears the two main materials are perforated PVC (the white stuff) and the corrugated black stuff. I'm thinking the PVC would be better, as there is no corrugation to collect sediment (keeping it cleaner). Alternatively, is there a suitable surface-drainage solution (something like the curb along the road, or maybe a half-pipe drain acting like a gutter). It would seem to me that a surface-type drainage system would be easier to maintain and monitor for effectiveness.

    I've attached a rough sketch of the situation as well. I hope it all makes sense.



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    Well, it's been about 10 days and no response, so I'm thinking that maybe this isn't the best place to ask this type of question. Can anyone recommend a resource for the above? Is water trouble something a landscape artist is normally familiar with, or would these be something for some sort of specialist? Are there any good books on this particular subject?

    I've found that landscaping centers really don't offer a whole lot of advice outside of recommending a bush or tree for your backyard.
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    Suggest that you post the question in the Landscape forum.
    I'll bet someone there can help you.
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    Hmm...well that's where I had my post originally, but I thought it would better manners for me to move it into the homeowner's forum.

    Would it be OK for me to move it back? (moderators?)

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