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    ok i've got 3.5 acres most of it rough pasture, and i want to make a small soccer field on a flat part of it. what would be the best way to clear off an area and plant bermuda? also what would be the best time of year to plant? (in TN) i was thinking use a bobcat or something similar to grade off the top few inches and smooth it out.. it has lots of crawdad holes and stuff in it right now. i was thinking maybe have some topsoil or something brought in to bring it up above grade a couple feet so i could put a nice crown on it. if i did that i wouldn't need to mess with the soil thats there now would i? most of the soccer fields i've been on seem to have a lot of sand for drainage, would that just be a 1-2" layer on top before planting? thanks
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    if no one can help i would try a google search or somehting like that to find it out
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    our school turned a rough field into an amazing soccer field. remember to include drainage, and sprinklers.

    a few things i can teel you is that the center should be slightly elevated from the rest fo the field, JUST SLIGHTLY, this allows water to run off to the sides and keeps you from having a pond. The next is to get a bobcat with a rock picker and remove all the rocks, then you can smooth it out. i don't know the type of grass you want, but make sure that it gets well watered all the time. And i would not open the field for playing for at least a year after the see was planted or sodded. i am not in the know on this, but i do know that it took 2 years for the school to complete the field, and they had a HUGE company come in with machine i have never seen before, and haven't seen since.
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    I would only use the bobcat to take any high spots out and a fill in low areas. How is the drainage right now? What is the soil type. Might be best to do some old fashones farming, once the rough grade is done. Might rent a disk and a heavy piece of beam to drag behind the disk to prep the seed bed.

    I have disked and drug a beam in a horse areas with lots of sand, would think it would work on a soccer field.
    The steps I would follow, and I am sure there is a better way to do this.

    1 grade, and drainage
    2 irrigation
    3 seed bed prep.
    4 seeding and watering
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    If you do a search in the pics forum you'll find some pics of a sports complex for a private high school we did. A soccer field, softball field and baseball field, they totaled 7.2 acres. We only used the skid-steers (bobcat as you call it.....which many of Southern boys do...LOL) for the finish work along with 2 tractors and box blades. I think that even with just 3.5 acres a skid-steer would be to0 time consuming and slow vs a larger front end loader. We used a CAT front end loader for the beginning grading. Something we also did on the finish grading was we used a CAT Double Drum roller to smooth out he many rough "patches" on the site once all grading was completed.
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    Here's the link. The pics in this one were more of the baseball part as that was much more detail work than the soccer field, but if you look you can see the soccer field in the background.
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    Do u own a landscape compnay in knoxville because I own one in Bristol, TN but I attend UT. I could ask some of my professors a way to go about a soccer because many of the have previously owned a landscape company in the past and have a lot of experience with different turfs.


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