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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mowingismylife, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. mowingismylife

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    To everyone that uses the newspaper ads what do you write in your listing? What do you use to make it stand out? Here around the Dayton,Ohio most of the ads for for lawn care businesses are pretty much the same they list the main services and say a little catch line. I want to have a Stand Out kind of ad so any idea's? We offer basic lawn care services light tree trimming and storm cleanups and light hauling. What could i put in there that would make it stand out and land me some new customers?????? Here i don't know if anywhere else but Wow you look in the paper and there is like 35 ads for mowing or lawn care services in one and then in the business listings you have around 10 and its like everyone and there mom is out there trying to mow lawns. so if i run a ad i want it to stand out. i have thought of just listing lawn care,light tree trimming,hauling services and then listing what makes are business stand out like the senior discount and other things that set our business apart from the others. thanks for any feedback
  2. mowingismylife

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    no feed back on this subject?
  3. Trevors Lawn Care

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    I dont do newspaper ads, so cant help you there.

    That is my feedback.

    With my fliers i spent hours making them look professional. Any part that wasnt had to go until i came up with a decent flier.
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    I can tell you that my display ad looks just like my business card, and about the same size, and it lists most all the services I provide:

    *Carpentry *Bush Hog Mowing
    *Home Repair *TreeTrimming and Removal
    *Pressure Washing *Site Clean Up
    *Odd jobs *Trash Removal
    *Yard Work *Pine Bark & Cypress Mulch
    *Garden Roto Tilling *Firewood For Sale
    *Licensed and Insured *Free Estimates

    Owner: Kerry Whitford

    call 352-473-7810 mobile 352-745-6074
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    Hi mowingismylife,

    Here is a great article that may help you.

    Getting the attention of your target audience is the first thing your ads should do. People see hundreds of ads every single day, but they only read a small portion of these ads. This is why getting the consumers attention is the most important part of designing advertisements. If you don’t succeed in this area, potential customers will pass over your ad and possibly your product!

    Headlines are the best way to grab the attention of your target market........Read More Here.
  6. ArizPestWeed

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    Under services only
    Don't do display ads

    Better yet
    Try mailing post cards via post office .
    Mass mailings
    In the thousands .
    I'm in pest control and it's the best form of advertizing I've found .
    You can print these at home if you have a good printer .
  7. chris28

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    In your ad list the specific towns that you cover to help tighten up your route. Maybe indicate "reliable LOCAL service." or "10 % discount to customers in Anytown, USA if signed up by May 1st."
    That will get their attention.
  8. snippy

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    Want to make your ads stand out like dogs balls? try some of these examples from our local rag...




    ... now does that grab your attention or what? no wonder I aint getting any calls :( .
  9. zmak

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    we have a scrub here in De who will cut , weed wack, edge,
    rake the beds each week, blow off.
    average size he is bidding on is about 15000-20000 square feet.
    take a guess what he is asking.

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