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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by allstar, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I've come to 2 conclusions lately:eek:ne is that flyers and other types of direct mail advertising absolutely do work and two,because of the huge numbers of flyers that have to be sent in order to be effective I have to find a way to reduce my printing costs.
    I believe a flyer has to look really unique in order for a customer to even look at it.We have produced some really nice ones that contain before and after photos of work that we did along with our business logo with a list of services we provide.We take the photos to the printer as well as any thing else we want included and they make a proof and, if we approve it,the number of copies we want are printed.
    One way we could save money is to have the printing company JUST make a proof.I have a pretty nice color printer so we could make the copies.However,I would like to be able to do everything with my computer and printer.
    I realize this is a long,complicated question but can anyone tell me BASICALLY how to go about the process of making nice,quality flyers with a computer and a printer or if it's even possible.Thanks. Jim
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    I made some fliers & door hangers on my computer & printer. It burns a TON of Ink, I went through 2 black cartridges & 1 color making about 400 fliers/ hangers. I also purchased some nice heavy color paper for about $15. At just under 30 each (Lexmark printer) each for cartridges and the paper I figure I spent at least .04 on each flier ($105 total).
    Plus the time to make them. I did a simple clip art picture and big headline, then info about my company, services we offer, etc. I used a hole punch and rubber bands to hang them on doors. I handed out all of them myself and put a quote on the flier. I'm just starting so I went low to get business.....most 1/4 acre lots @ $35.00/week including edging, trimming, mowing, etc.
    I got ZERO call.

    I'm going to have a printer do mine next time!
  3. NickN

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    You'll need Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop.Most advertisements are produced in at least 300dpi(dots per inch).Look in some magazines and notice some of the ads are real blurry or grainy?It's because their resolution was lower than 300dpi when their ad was created.Of course 300 dpi means you're going to use more ink,since you're using 300 dots per inch compared to say 75dpi.The photos and text will come out much clearer though.
    Also,you'll need to produce your brochure in CMYK(cyan, magenta, yellow, black) instead of the standard RGB(Red Green Blue).RGB can only produce so many colors when mixed together.CMYK produces many more colors,so you're brochure colors will be much brighter than a RGB brochure.
    I'd stick with the printer service.You can develop your own brochures using one of the programs above and tweak it at your leisure,but a printing service can actually print them cheaper than you can.
  4. Up North

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    Hey Allstar, I did my business cards and various flyers on my PC & printer. I used Microsoft Publisher and I think they look decent. I'll attach the 5x7 size flyer I did in the spring, it prints 2 per page. I dropped off a few at businesses in town and handed them out to potential customers. I also did one that I could hang in stores with ad boards, the flyer had the little tabs at the bottom with name & phone number on it.


    flyer postcard spring1.jpg
  5. Randy Scott

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    Can't be done. I used to do our flyers at home until I really sat down and figured out my costs. The cheapest I could do them at home for is 5.9 cents each, and that doesn't include figuring anything for electricity. I can have them printed at Kinko's for 3.8 cents each. You can try it, but you'll find that a print shop will always do it cheaper. This of course, is with 5000 or more pieces.
  6. tsmith82

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    Check out They've got some really great door hangers that they make. I think I got 1000 for around $200. They are a little expensive, but the more you buy the more you can save. Thay have a sample packet that they'll send you too.
  7. Team Gopher

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    Hi allstar,

    NickN has some very good technical advise. Those Adobe products are great and tsmith82's suggestion on is a good source for printing. They even have templates you can download and use to create what ever you need and then send to them.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you're printing a lot of flyers at home, you'll put a lot of wear on your printer. The machines at a printing shop are designed to produce endless amounts of copy. The average home printer is not.
  9. tonygreek

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    hi all, first timer here, but i have a great recommedation for a cost-efficient printer. i've used for my exterior remodeling company, and will do so for my landscaping start-up. i found them through inc. magazine, which featured them a couple years ago. they do 4 color printing (like magazines are printed and therefore are not limited to, or by, the expense in having more than 1 or 2 colors as in standard biz card or flyer printing) and are very inexpensive. my biz cards were less than $150 for 1,500 and you can break the order out into different personnel/departmental names at not cost, which is really nice if you have the need. door-hangers, brochures and such aren't bad either, and remember that costs go down dramatically the more you order. you can play around on their site, with diff quantities to see this.

    p.s. - this site is fantastic. i'll post more about my start-up and my very, very circuitous route into this industry.

    Dayton, Ohio
  10. Groundcover Solutions

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    stick with the print shop. Adobe and other products of this calaber are quite expensive and hard to get the hang of. I would suggest going with Microsoft publisher for the novice user. You can save yourself time and money by designing your own flyers, but i would recomend you have them printed at the printer. Also when having the printing company print your flyers be sure you take the disk with your flyer on it to the shop. Specify that you want them to print off of the computer to there printers, IE not printing out a hard copy and using that to copy other flyers. you will get much better quilty if the print each one out. This gives you, in effect, an original every time. This way you are not getting a copy of a copy. The more you go down the chain of copys the worse quilty print you are going to get. Just my 2 cents

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