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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rlc321, Jun 19, 2004.

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    I have past out about 200 pamphlets so far and have gotten 2 calls. One of them was bigger lawn than I wanted to tackle the other one was a 1/4acre. The guy doing it know does not do a very good job he doesn't even edge. I gave this women a price for cutting,trimming and edging she said it was close to what she was paying said she would get back to me after talking to her husband. Its has been 4 days now and I have not heard from her. Should I give her a follow up call or just figure she is'nt interested. She sounded like it was going to be a done deal go figure.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    What have you got to lose? If you need the extra work, dial the digits and find out if she has made her decision. Usually though in our experience, when a lady says she needs to talk to her husband, she's just making up an excuse. But it's still worth a try.
  3. Steppenwolf

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    ALWAYS return any calls you get!!!It shows you care,she may have forgotten about you. If you want the job just call back and confirm that the offer you had made was still good and did she want to have you do the job.Jodi was right,she may have to talk to her better half first...but she might be wearing the pants:)
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    I land about 90% of follow up calls. Do it. You wont regret. People are busy they forget or just dont make the time. If you follow up you will be the one getting it not the guy that left his flyer and a bid and never followed up. It shows enthusiasum(sp?) and willingness to do a good job. People like being number one for some reason?????? and following up makes them feel as if they are wanted.

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