Making it thru the WINTER!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by YDontUcMe, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. YDontUcMe

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    Just wondered if anyone had some advise on ways to make money during the winter. I bought a plow last year but the snow fall here is unpredictable and I havent made enough money this year to save enough for the off season. Stressed and troubled:(
    I appreciate anyone advise. Thanks Tim
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    If you use the "search" feature, *link under the banner* you can search through many past discussions that might be very helpful.
  3. Scag48

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    Being 16 is great for me! Don't have any/many payments. The only payments I'm going to be making this winter is for the Exmark w/b that I'm close to getting. So, I'll teach ski lessons at the ski hill which pays well and get's me out of the house to make the payments. Won't be much anyway so I'm not worried.
  4. KenH

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    I really dont think this makes him feel any better.:rolleyes:
  5. lawnkid

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    This winter I plan on going to school during the week and working apartment maintenance on the weekends to help pay for needed equipment for next year. Who knows, my boss might even let me plow snow with him on days off or something.
  6. TurfGuyTX

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    It may be different where you live, in Texas there is always some prep work we can find to do. We try to sell overseeding with perrenial rye too. Try and get your new customers on contract. You can have the yearly amount divided into 12 equal payments. That can really help you during the Winter. Good luck.
  7. Robert Ewald

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    Try offering extra services to your current clients. Such as being a handy man. My advice to making money is this, look at what people are willing to pay for and then figure out a way to get between what ever they are paying for and there money. In short if they are willing to pay you to do it then go do it.
  8. Sean Adams

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    Holiday decoration, is a possibility. I don't know how big your company is in regard to employees, capital, etc...but you might want to look into Christmas Decor ( If you aren't ready for that yet, you can still offer the service - hanging lights, etc... just on a smaller scale using their decorations.

    Others provide a fire wood service - splitting, stacking, delivering....

    Might want to also consider Christmas tree delivery or even selling the trees directly....a thought.

    Lots of possibilities.
  9. Barkleymut

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    I hate the work but almost everyone has gutters and almost everyones are full. Also seems like there are always a few people who don't feel like getting their leaves up until Jan-Feb. You can offer a little cheaper price since your day is not full.
  10. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Now is the time for lawn renovations which is also a good opportunity to push annual contracts. Hear in Va Beach the winters are short with no snow to really make money off of so annual contracts are very important. I am a solo operation and made it through my first winter with only a 1K per/month plus my military pension. This year it will be more than double that and growing each year. I can service those annuals in 2-3 days.
    Lots of related extra work as mentioned by other folks does help alot. Tree work is one I did not see.
    I am seriously considering irrigation system instals next year.
    The first winter is the toughest so get your finances in order to weather it and things will get better next year. Best to you

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