Making it with just Lawn Maintenance and other side gigs


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Snowy MN
Its much easier to get a new spray customer for $300-400/year than a new maintenance customer at $1200-1500/year.....


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Manitoba, Canada
something to consider market some of us don't have a large enough market to sell only spray, but it sure separates me from the person with just a mower.
be mindful of the business you are set out to create, winter season I used to do it all, now I cut all the shovelling and roof work.
what is plan?


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detroit, mi
Work I do currently
Year round hvac full time. Side work as it comes in
Mow 30 lawns weekly in the summer
Work on sprinkler systems. Blow out 65 in the fall

Work I have done in the past
Build decks (licensed builder)
Lay mulch
Small landscape jobs
Small hardscape jobs
Pulled weeds for one customer never again

As someone pointed out earlier find something your skilled in and go for it.
Don't be afraid to try something new, it may be something that put you over the top


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New holland pa
I can make twice as much treating lawns 3-10hr days as my two man crew mowing 5-11hr days. Use a great program with better products than the larger companies and get a beautiful lawn and people will pay whatever!

Serial weed killer

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Kemco is correct. our major competitor is a joke and there is big bucks on that side. I make a good living with wife and three grand kids . live on the lake and fish every other day. Learn you chemicals, and once you are able to kill weeds that others can't you are set. I would find customers that are willing to let you experiment and from there once you you know what will work for weeds in your area then get new customers spray their weeds. If the label approves it go back in two weeks and do a free respray. Before you know it refferalss will come in faster than you can sell them. I started my business with maybe 40 customers and hit 400 in first year with no advertising.

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