Making Lawn Renovations Easier Thoughts This Rainy Day

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Strawbridge Lawn, Oct 31, 2002.

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    A rainy 4 days here in Virginia gave me some time to put thoughts down regarding making the lawn renovation process aerating, seed bed prep,seeding and the seed rake in process easier with a machine designed for that purpose and a little more. I sent a letter to Toro. I had a stamp. Sorry, Rather long
    Any Equipment manufacturer President, Design Engineers or staff
    Good Day,
    My name is Gary. I am a small lawn and landscape business owner. I am 40 years of age. I retired from the USN in 2000 after serving 20+ years as a Meteorologist. I have been in business 2 years now, and have been blessed with 100% growth over my first year.

    Why am I writing you?

    Being a small Lawn and Landscape business owner, I have struggled to find the products I need in a consolidated package. I need to buy lots of small pieces equipment to perform
    essential tasks. While I realize more equipment makes the company(s) more money, I would think that a company of your size could consider a paradigm shift, and focus on small business needs. I am writing this to offer some suggestions.

    Area of the business I am referring too:

    The primary area I, struggle with the lawn renovation process. From tow de-thatchers, to power rakes/seeders, aerators and walk behind or tow drop/rotary spreaders. Let's face it my friends, there is little space left on the trailer. Not to mention each piece of equipment is costly and takes time and manpower to operate. Something needs to be done here to increase productivity and quality while reducing time, fatigue and equipment on the trailer.
    I believe there is.

    Properties in my area and a notable trend:

    First off, I realize across the country needs vary. For me, the properties I service are under 12K SQ FT and most backyards have gates. The trend for years here in Virginia Beach is developments with homes closely spaced. Folks want their own homes, but not allot of yard, and a fence to contain Rover. The desire/need for lawn care is still increasing, and that is also a societal trend. For a solo/dual or multiple operator company to be profitable, renovations must be made easier as we have only a few months to meet the demand.

    The Idea or Concept Machine (The Renovator):

    - The machine should have increased flexibility based on community/property size trends. It must decrease fatigue and labor time

    This means 2 sizes: 36" (don't forget small
    access to back yards) and a 48 " machine: Both with either a rider or stand on design.

    - A rugged and heavy machine with a 20-25 HP motor, 4WD with multiple
    Hydraulics and a line of renovation targeted attachments that can be used
    simultaneously at the front/center and rear of the machine.

    Picture a smaller size Kubota BX22 that would fit width dimensions stated above

    What I feel does the best renovation job:

    The Dingo cultivator provides an outstanding seed bed. This type of attachment mounted beneath a 36" and 48" machine with hydraulic lift/lower would de-thatch at a high point and thoroughly renovate on deeper settings.

    So far just like a Dingo?

    No, because it is on a tractor design. Specifically designed attachments working in tandem would set it apart from the Dingo. As this machine/attachments work, the cultivator prepares the seed bed then a 50 LB tandem electric drop seeder and rotary spreader applies the seed and nutrients. Just behind that a power-rake would lightly rake in seed/fertilizer in one pass.
    3-4 steps accomplished in 1 pass! The most crucial issue often overlooked in the renovation process is ensuring the seed is in contact with good soil. Mission accomplished!

    Increasing versatility within and beyond the renovation use area
    A big part in the renovation process. Across the country today many aerate and seed together not because the soil is all that compacted, but because seed makes better contact with the soil when done with an aeration. The seed gets into the cores and yields better germination results. For the most part, the cultivator reduces the near surface compaction issue. However, using the cultivator is a larger operation, and would cost more to the customer. Many times just aerating, seeding and fertilizer is all that is needed.
    A front mounted core plug aerator attachment that matches the width of the machine would satisfy this customer base The cultivator unit would be simply hydraulically lifted up out of the way in a transport position.

    With one pass this machine would aerate , seed, fertilizer, and rake it all over gently .
    4 steps done all at once.

    Various other front- mounted options:

    Plows, brooms, and maybe even a 4 in 1 Dingo-like bucket option.

    This machine is NOT a Dingo. The Cultivator attachment and perhaps similar front mounted attachments would be the only similarity to Dingo. This machine would target the Lawn Care industry rather than landscaping side.


    I can buy a new Kubota BX22 with a back- hoe and front loader for $15,000 now.
    Target price within my reach for a machine like this would be $8,000-12,000 with limited front mount attachments and $13,000-17,000 with a bigger
    line of attachments.


    A machine like this would save companies like mine countless hours while decreasing
    fatigue, yet improve renovation quality over existing methods. What takes me 1-2 hours now could be done in 25-45 min. I could also renovate at varying degrees based on turf needs.
    I can due 2-3 renovations per day now, but a machine like this I could do 6-8 easily.
    The difference is grossing 600 p/day or $1,200-1,500.00.

    More-over, front mounted attachments like a loader would allow a contractor like myself to spread mulch, topsoil, compost and further assist in the lawn renovation process.

    This machine is what the industry needs. Small and larger companies alike would want a machine to replace the aerators, de-thatchers, power rakes and seeders. A machine that would yield superior results.

    If I had the resources I would build it. You have those resources, and maybe now
    A new concept or idea or a reason go forth with a pre-existing plan.

    I thank you for your tine

    Gary Benner

    If you would like to contact me:

    Strawbridge Lawn and Landscape
  2. You just described the mini skid steers.

    You are not going to be able to make an all-in-one machine.

    Harley Rake




    All-in-one will not work.
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    You are describing a tool carrier. This machine can be built but only by a do it yourselfer not a large company. They make money on multiple machines not one super machine.
    Call Lawrence Stone maybe he can help you.
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    Attachments do make more money for companies, but I feel there are some that are secire enough financially not to have to rely on that source.. YThe Toro Dingo is an example of a company making a machine targeted for an existing arena and they have done that in many other areas also. I am eagerly awaiting a reply or photo from Mr Stone. He probably has one in his shed.
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    It sounds like you are needing a Gravely two-wheel tractor, and attachments. I have several in/around my shed.
  6. Won't happen, he has been banned from here.

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