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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by K&L Landscaping, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Well, after pulling a bone-head move and backing over my practically new Stihl FC110 edger and uterly destroying it, I went to buy another one. I went to a different dealer than the one I usually use to kill some time while the wife was shopping nearby. I had all intentions of buying another FC110 until the Honda HHE31CA caught my eye. The salesman and I started talking and he convinced me to take it out back and demo it. I was totally blown away by the true 4-stroke engine. This thing has a unbelievable amount of torque. When I finished with the edger I tried the trimmer, same story, fantastic torque and breadth of power. So now the transition from Stihl to Honda is on. Also, talk about easy to start, WOW 1-2 pulls and it's alive. That's a little from the Stihls.
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    Give us a price comparison on the two. You have sparked my interest.
    My ole faithful stihl dealer went out of business last month and I need to replace the edger that was lifted or fell off my trailer a few months ago.
    I was thinking of Red M or Shin but could be leaning to the honda camp with this thread.

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    What is the price difference if any?
  4. K&L Landscaping

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    The edger was $399 plus tax, same as I paid for the Stihl. The HHT31 SLTA trimmer I think was $329 plus tax. Roughly the same price as the FS80R. Seriously guys, go check them out you will absolutely fall in love with them. Think of this, no need to mix gas and the 4-stroke engine is extremly quiet in comparison to the 2-stroke.

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