making up the $$ from the drought


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I plan on hooking up the mulch kit today and get ready for leaf season. I will be adjusting my rates UP on leaf and gutter cleaning to recover some of the lost mowing revenue. The money people saved on not paying for lawn cutting is still in their checkbooks[ less what gas has cost them] and they are ready to pay!! Some of my customers haven't seen me in 2 weeks and are glad when I show up to even out their dried up lawns. They are ready to spend money on fall services like seeding aeration leaf cleanup etc. All are priced at a higher profit margin than mowing. I show up looking for a sales opp. I was able to do aeration last week by having my customers water the night before. The one that didn't was charged an additional fee for watering . I brought my sprinkler and hoses just in case and aerated one area while the other was being watered. I tacked on $50 to the price and heard no complaints. I think some people are CONDITIONED to pay their lawn guy something so just showing up and offering to clean out flower beds or install fall mums and pansies , anything, will bring in revenue . there is no pay in waiting for rain!!