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Making $$ with equipment?


LawnSite Member
Guys, I have a very limited knowledge of landscape installs, but I always jump in head first and learn as I go. My questions are: how many different ways can I make money with a skid loader (CAT 226 W/back hoe & scoop) and is this the best all purpose machine or is there a better one? Also, what is the going hourly rate for running a machine like this?


LawnSite Senior Member
For hourly rates in your area just call the local rental place and see what it would run to rent for the day and divide it by how many hours you guys spend RUNNING a machine on a usual day. I emphasize running because I have had many customers gripe about getting charged for a full day when they seen the skid or tractor parked for two hours while the guys got something else done. But take that hourly rate and add your labor and overhead. For me I figured it would work out because if I ran the thing three days a week over two seasons the rental rate would pay it off. Sounds good to me.


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In my area of Missouri I pay $60/hr. when I sub out skidsteer work. Do you already have the machine? If not I would not buy one until you test that side of the business. There is a lot of competition with people who have skidsteers. That is why I sub out most jobs. Then I don't have to worry about maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc.