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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smarino21, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. smarino21

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    I am open to all opinions on this one.

    I have 2 guys cutting all my lawns that work for me ok. I cut mostly all houses.

    Is there any good program for routing or something like that , help me any one please?
  2. Need a Little Trim

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    I am sure someone will post something like use the search button but, a very good question and I too would like to see what they have to say.

    I have a damn good gps unit and it tells me how far I am away from my favorites that I have listed in the memory. I went from that and listed it out on my route sheets.
  3. tjsquickcuts

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    Its a trial and error thing. I always work outside-in....I schedule all my high end properties for thursdays and fridays, commerical Mondays and Saturdays, and everybody else inbetween. Start with the bigger lawns, or lawns with a lot of trimming. You have to think about fatigue. Get the big ones out the way first while we are all fresh, makes the smaller ones a piece of cake. JMO! Oh...and stick with your schedule. If someone calls from an area we just serviced tuesday, and its now thursday, I tell them how my scheduling works, and that I will not be able to service the lawn until next tuesday and that I hope its not a problem. They understand, and we take it from there....
  4. topsites

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    I agree, you have to work it out your way, but here's what I do:

    I cover an entire county, it's a good 30-45 minute haul from one corner to the other, and it is not profitable to run to-from but maybe once / day. Even then it's no fun to miss a lawn if it's only 5 miles away.

    So every day I spend time before I start the truck mapping out and studying my route. First I make sure they're all ducks in a row so I don't double back, then I make sure I have at least 2 but really 3 in an area before I head out there (in case 1-2 don't need cutting, I don't waste a 20-minute drive), and then distances and roads to drive, I either picture it if I can remember, or mapquest it.

    So I envision in my mind all the lawns I have to cut. I literally have a mental picture of where I am going and when and in what order before I leave, then I write down the lots in order on a piece of paper (or do this first, whatever), to help memorize it again.
    > This prevents stupidity, not to say it never happens, but it's a lot less.
    >> Lately I've been forgetting to leave the bill on the customer's door :cry:
    >>> And yes, I left the Wb idling once yesterday while I went off trimming (forgot to shut it off).
    - But no other mistakes, at least not really serious ones, and the one I did make, having studied the route saved me.

    Take Monday for instance, I accidentally left my notebook (with all my paperwork) at home... But it wasn't until the 3rd lawn that I even noticed it was missing, and I managed to finish out the day flawlessly, just on the memory of what I had studied before I left the house. It saved me, I knew what I was doing and didn't have to run back home.

    Spending that 20-30 minutes / day studying and mapping out the route saves me a TON of headache and frustration, I almost never double back or accidentally skip one, throughout the day I double check myself and repeat the entire route again and again, after every yard I am like checking this to make sure I get it right, it really helps.
  5. smarino21

    smarino21 LawnSite Senior Member
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    yes those are all great if your out in the field your self but im talking about a computer program that is made for routing?
  6. Grits

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  7. causalitist

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    just go on google maps.. print out your service area, mark your accounts with a black perm marker, and use different color highlighter to figure out what the tightest different routes are.

    when your done take the adresses and print em all out.

    paying for this would be mucho tardo.

    it seems like your just trying to spend money on something neat.

    you do not need a program to do what i described. really. and it works.

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