Malathion for fire ants

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TNGrassCutter, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. TNGrassCutter

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    Anybody used malathion for fire ants? We have a couple mounds on the roof of our duck blinds and have already stirred them up and gotten stung. I have some malathion from rural king in the shed, will it do any good? Just need to spray 3 mounds worth of ants on my own property, no experience with insecticides, but I am licensed for herbicide so I'm not a complete dummy.
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  2. A1 Outdoor Services

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    I would try not to get any in the water if there is some around the blinds. It is highly toxic to some fish and all aquatic invertebrates. Acephate (orthene etc.) would be safer. Mix it with some honey and smear it on some strips of duct tape around the blind. It is hell on ants I promise and you can just pull the tape off and throw it away after it does it's job.
  3. David C.

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    Fireants are weird creatures----the workers in the mound #1 job is to protect the Queen----anytime there is a mound intrusion the worker will attack---whether that intruder be a man's Tennis shoe in the "Drop/kick" position----if the intruder happens to be in the form of a chemical---such as a drenching by gasoline or a dose of Malathion--you may be able to kill a few workers---but the survivors will begin work on "relocating" the Queen----iow--hose the mound with Malathon and they will merely move the Queen over 3 or 4 feet

    Best bet on those duck blind roofs is to sprinkle a tablespoon of Seven or other form of ant granuel on the mound and surrounding area---the workers will get "hacked off"---just like us Humans---and move their Queen---they're thinking---"So what if we loose a few of us workers in the process--ha--we still have our Queen!!!!" Maybe the Seven dust will be enough to move them OFF of the duck blind roof on to somewhere else!!!
  4. Ric

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    I'll second the Orthene. It is the Cheapest Easiest to use and Quickest acting spot treatment on the market. I have found Ants will carry it into the mound like a bait. Go to Wally World or Home Cheapo and look for a Black Plastic Jar with a Yellow lid for about $ 10.00. Open the Yellow lid to see a paper seal. IMPORTANT don't break the seal. Instead use an ice pick to make one hole near the edge of the plastic jar. This turns the jar into a salt shaker device that you sprinkle ONLY a 1/2 tea spoon on each mound. You then replace the lid on the Jar and use it again for the next 10 years. In fact put in on your Z turn and watch for ant mounds while mowing.

  5. TNGrassCutter

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    Thanks guys. There is no water around them yet, but will be in about a week. I was going to use the malathion because I already had it but if there's better stuff I will look for it.
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  6. gregory

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    i use what ric just talked about around my house and it works very well and is cheap.. i use it where i walk my dogs which a very rural area....
  7. Think Green

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    I will third the Orthene use for the ant problem. Malathion will only cause a "STINK!" literally and can cause massive headaches around the blinds. I can only imagine laying in these things with malathion residual odor and try to keep my mind on the ducks. Set aside from water pollutants, orthene is safer.
    I put a tablespoon of Orthene on a large ant mound on my lawn back in the early summer. By morning..............the next day, the mound was cleared. They either died or moved on down to the East Side into the neighbor's lawn.
    At our late family's hunting lodge in Mantachie Mississippi, we had fire ant hills at least 2-3 feet tall in the cattle pasture's. They were killing the calves!! Orthene was used by my uncle!! Problem solved until the populations revived.!!
  8. greendoctor

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    I will fourth the Orthene. If Orthene gets into the water, it will not hurt the fish. Malathion will, never mind what that smells like weeks after it is no longer effective as an insecticide.
  9. Ric

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    I bet it gets cold in them there hills??

  10. Think Green

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    That what I hear also!!
    Kind of reminds me of meeting Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty!!--Interesting fellow to say-the-least.
    I am glad I was born on the lower side of the mountain!!!!!!
    However, he is making more money than I, yet he gets paid to be country!!

    Did you watch the first episode of Billy last week.........a new season of his foolish antics of killing, trapping, snaring, and thwarting off stinging, biting, and venomous critters. We can go on all month with blasting...........I will be fun!!!

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