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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by TRabic, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. TRabic

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    David, Kansas, Ned, Steve,
    Excellent perspectives.
    In general, there is a "Pro" customer, and a DIY customer.
    And although both sides, (Installers and Retailers), try to attract crossovers, I see a formidable chasm between the two customers.
    Perhaps our best Marketing efforts only serve to help them confirm which group they fall into.
    There is still a large untapped customer base out there on both sides.
    Our industry's job is to "sell the dream", and to quote Alan's earlier comment; Let the rising tide raise all boats".
    Gregg, I joined the company in the late 90's, off site, so I'm not the best person to answer the off shore question.
    I think the metal fixture that you are referring to is our "work horse" CL507, MR16 flood. It is amazing how many of those we have sold through the years.
    I do want to say thanks again for all the well wishes.
    By the way; did I mention that we have fixtures for sell?:).
  2. mellow-mower

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    How many noticed he did not say he was losing his job but going to be the former product manager? Does this mean you are moving to another section of the company and giving one last effort to get the fixtures out of inventory?
  3. TRabic

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    I am losing my job. (That hurt mellow-mower.) ;-)
  4. Lite4

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    Hey bud, I wouldn't be knocking Tommy around here. That guy is incredibly innovative in the field of lighting. There is a reason he was asked to be on a major network program like Yard Crashers. You may want to brush up on some of the older threads Tommy wrote about some of the personal mental struggles he had over the very issues you brought up. It is the DIY network which is definitely not what we do, but he is hoping to bring new creative thought to some watching, (more than your typical runway lights and spot lights on trees), even in a small way, anyway he can. Obviously as Tom mentioned, some people are just going to be DIYers. Also, are you honestly going to tell me that you wouldn't go on a national show if you were invited?
  5. irrig8r

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    Tom, don't know if you heard, or whether it would be a good fit or even too risky... Loran-Nightscaping might be looking for a new General Manager.
  6. kansashoosier

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    If you will read that post, I called him one of the more respected posters on here. And no, I wouldn't turn down a national show. But at the same time, contractors as a whole shouldn't be complaining about fixing poorly installed systems when they (we, and not just Tommy, a lot of guys) are showing people how to do different things in a very limited time on a television show, at a trade show booth, an hour seminar, etc. And no, my name isn't bud.
  7. TXNSLighting

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    Kansashoosier, you have worn out your welcome.
  8. Mark B

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    Would someone pass me that beer and shot??? Thanks :D
  9. TXNSLighting

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    me to please...
  10. Marcos

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    Good luck to you, Tom! :waving:

    I installed a Malibu 300 watt capacity transformer into our own lighting system about 2 1/2 -3 years ago.
    It works wonderfully, running five MR-16 35 watt well lights that shine up onto the front of our ranch homes's 7 foot Alberta spruces and cedar siding, plus two 11 watt copper pagotas near our entranceway and garage.
    No problems whatsoever.

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