Maltida is looking for bids...please help this sweet old lady!


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Hello boys and girls, Matilda here! I'm looking for a new lawn service to take care of my lawn, I did have that Kirby fellow doing it, but he kicked me to the curb! Anyway, I have a small yard that measures around 8000 sf and I would like a few estimates from ya'll. I would like to have the lawn mowed every week during mowing season (last lawn guy said that was 34 mows), the paved areas edged every week, the other areas trimmed, and all debris blew off at the end of the job. I will be paying for the mowing at the time it is mowed, I'm not getting screwed by paying every month all year! I would also like one of those 5 step or something fertilizing and weed control programs figured in please.

Here is a photo of my front lawn:


Here is a photo of my back lawn:


Each side of may home has a strip of grass that is about 12' wide that needs to be mowed also.

I have this problem with my lawn and I need help also, could you please tell me what it is and how much you would charge to fix it?


I also have other odd jobs I would like to see if ya'll would do and a few questions. I have listed everything below for you to bid on, please bid using the following format and email them to: Please only post questions here, not bids! Bids will close on August 25th.

  • Lawn Mowing bid:
  • Weed and fertilizer bid:
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and cost of whatever that is in the last photo.
  • Soil test charge
  • Are you licensed to apply pesticides?
  • Do you clean gutters?
  • Do you pick up dog poop?
  • Where are you from? (State)

Please be nice to an old lady and don't charge me much, I promise I won't talk to you for hours during each visit.

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Thanks LGG, I forgot to put a close date I will add it, I will leave it open for 10 days (August 25th). I will not have much time after that because aeration and seeding is starting and I will be busy!!


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Man, Matilda is going to hate to pay my equipment transport fee from Germany back to the states of $2,000.00 x 32 weeks = $64,000.00 Whew, its going to be the most expensive 8,000 sq ft. lawn I ever bid on!!

Ray, do we have to bid on everything? I'd like to join in on the weekly lawn maintenance, but I honestly don't have a clue about fert. prices anymore, I've been away for it too long now. What if I sub you out for the fert and dog doo parts??? LOL

Thanks for the hard work Ray!



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Well, Matilda, I'll tell you what. Cummings Lawn and Garden doesn't offer a pay-per-mow service, but I'll be happy to work you out a flat-rate monthly fee for lawn service that includes mowing, trimming, and clean-up service on a weekly schedule. Since we're in California now, I'll work it out on a year-round schedule and break down the average cost per mow for ya. I'm afraid I won't be able to do any kind of diagnosis or weed control until after I complete my classes and receive my certificate, which might be as early as October.

And Matilda? A woman as young and good-lookin' as you can come out and talk to this ol' Gardener anytime you please... ;)



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What kind of grass is it and dose the lawn have an irrigation system? A couple questions I need to know.


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Good questions.

Grass type: Tall fescue
Irrigation: Yes

By the way, if any of you only bid year round go ahead and submit that bid, I did the pay by the mow to satisfy our northern friends. ;)

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