Man, Am I lucky or what???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cleancut, Mar 1, 2001.

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    Today I had several cleanups to do this morning..After my last cleanup, we loaded up to go get a scoop of topsoil...We stopped to eat lunch and drove to the next job which was about 20 miles away...When we got there and finisher the job, we realized that my $400 backpack blower was not on the trailer...It had been left at the other job...The job was in an extremely busy neighborhood and it was left in the edge of the yard at the road...We came back to my house and I sent one of my guys back to the neighborhood while I took care of some other business...He called me back after about 20 minutes and said that the blower was where we left it..It had been there for about 3 hours...This gives me a little faith in mankind..I was sure it would be gone...I consider myself extremely lucky...Anybody else have any stories along these lines...Derrick
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    Several years ago, My wife (now ex) and I were on a trip to Louisiana. I'd just gotten transferred there from Germany. We stopped at a roadside restaurant somewhere in Missouri. When she got back in the car, she left her purse with all our money in it on top of the car. We didn't notice it fall off when we turned onto the highway. A trucker behind us saw it, stopped and picked it up, then caught up to us and flagged me down to give it back. We had no bank account and no other money. It wasn't much by today's standard, but it was about three months pay and without it we wouldn't even have been able to get gas to get there. With three kids under 7 years old to feed, we would have been in real trouble. That would have been about 25 years ago. He didn't want anything for his trouble, either, but he was in hurry to get back on the road.

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    Just last year, my wife and I went to a wedding of some friends. On the way there, my wife took off her rings to put on some hand lotion. We got there and just got out and went into the church and were seated. Before the wedding started they announced that someone had found a wedding ring in the parking lot and to describe it if it was yours. My wife talked to her friends and said "Wow I'd sure hate for that to happen to me!". Well after the wedding during the bubble blowing, my wife goes "Honey I don't have my ring on." I said was that you they were talking about? I rushed to find the man that had it and he was wanting me to describe it and everything. Well I bought it so I know what it looked like but the guy just wouldn't let me have it. He kept asking me "What is written on the inside of it?" Hell I don't know what the manufacturer stamped on the inside. Finally my wife showed up and said, "There's nothing written on the inside.", he said that's what I wanted to hear. She had put the ring in her lap and we were talking and she just forgot about it when she got out. Talk about lucky. It wasn't the Hope diamond or anything but it was special.

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