Man could loose full time job for saying he is an English speaking American

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ICE, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. ICE

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  2. OnMyOwn

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    Como se dice, "Uh-Oh"!
  3. FSully

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    SO, I guess it would be ok, if changed his sign to "Spanish speaking American.";) :dizzy:
  4. befnme

    befnme LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i agree that it is freedom of speech but on the same note it aint his property to be parkin on. thats like me telling an employee " i dont care if you smoke but you aint gonna do it in my truck " .now i agree it is his right to smoke but not on/in my property .if his hat violates dress code then he should not wear it until he leaves that job.and if he dosent like what they say about his trailer ( even though it is his right to have it ) then he should leave it at home. he didnt have any equipment on it anyway so obviously he had to go back home to get it. just my .02
  5. cantoo

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    I don't like Dodge's so does that mean my employees(if I had any) would have to park off my property if they drove one to work? What about employees who wear shirts with marijana leaves on them or other crap? I don't consider myself a racist but this ain't right. Reverse discrimination anyone?
  6. YardPro

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    I would never allow any employee to wear anything with a pot leaf on it. on his time... fine, but not to work.
  7. befnme

    befnme LawnSite Bronze Member
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    imo as far as the dodge goes it dosent really offend you . you just dont like em .now if it had a marijana leaf license tag on the vehicle then you have the right to tell not to put on your property .especialy if your shop is at a place where people drive by and see it and think you hire a bunch of dopeheads .image is everything .on the shirt with the marijana leaves or other offensive material if you work for me you will not wear it on the job. thats why i have uniform shirts .and you better not come in with trashy lookin cut-offs or nuthuggers either .dont get me wrong i love the usa and support it anyway i can but rules are rules.
  8. bigjeeping

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    We need more men like him.
  9. prizeprop

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    God bless this guy and God bless America. Would his employer have taken the same actions if it said Spanish,Indian,German,Italian or chinese speaking American? I think not, The average Joe cant even stand up for his beliefs anymore because it might offend someone. They can take all this political correctness and shove it.I'll stop there.
  10. Kilroy

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    from KY
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    I agree, and I believe the courts have, too. As for his sign: Having tried to communicate with the customer service departments of various companies and usually getting connected to somebody in a foreign country with a phony American name speaking incomprehensible English, I think I get his point. He could have just said "I Speak English" on his sign. "We Speak Spanish" is in the windows of thousands of stores across America now, isn't it?

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