Man hours for reinforced retaining walls??

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mrusk, Mar 18, 2007.

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    I am not asking what to charge.

    I have never built a tall wall with engineered plans and geo grid.

    I am bidding one now and have NO idea how much time it will take to compact all the back fill 6 feet behind the wall.

    The wall is a total of 375 face feet. Wall specs are 15 feet @6 tall, 30 feet @ 4.5 tall, 12 feet @ 4 tall, and 15 feet @5 tall. These heights are total wall heights included the buryed courses.

    Access is decent and all backfill soils will be trucked in.

    Normall for me a 375 face feet wall would be a 3x125 ft wall. Me and my 2 guys would spend no more then 5 days their start to finish. Thats with excavation, clean up, reseeding, etc.

    This wall will be excavated for me, and reseeding, etc will be priced differently.

    So whats a close estimate of man hours for this? Block will be techo quarry stone.

    Will have a large compactor on site (10k lbs unit) and minix and skid.

    I am figuring 7, 8 hour days with me and 2 guys. Am i over or under estimating this? I have no experience with how long it will take to compact the reinforment zones.
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    Figure it like you are doing a patio. Compact in 6" lifts. Myself and 2 guys would probably take us 5 days. Only because we have alot of experience w/ engineered walls. 7-8 days would be a good timeframe for you especially since it's Quarrystone. Tip: don't get too close to the back of the wall w/ compaction equipment. You will push it forward. Techo's pin system doesn't work too well w/ grid IMO.

  3. mrusk

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    Thanks cg. I am going with 7 days. May take less, but i am figuring i will most likely screw up some where else on this proposal and could use the extra fluff!

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