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Man I need a "Z"

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The lawns I'm picking up all seem to be 1 acre props that havn't been mowed for a month right now I use a 42" LT to mow them.
Last night did a prop that took 1 hour to weed whack and 2 hours to mow give or take.

My theory is to get to about 75% capacity I'm only at 20% right now and get a ZTR.

My question is do I go ahead and get the ZTR first thing next spring or go ahead and wait until I get to the 75% capacity.

And the lawn I did last night had about 20 trees and some flower beds to mow around and had to double cut about 1/2 of it. Assuming the 42" LT took me 2 hours how much time could I shave off the mowing time with a ZTR say a 48"

Any help would be appreciated
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Thanks guys I will be shopping for my new ZTR this winter for purchase early spring I hope. Bluesteel I like your theory Buy it and they will come. GraZZmaZter you make sense buy the equipment and then get out there and get the business to pay for the beast.

Thanks everyone
Crawdad I'm learning real quick the best thing for my business is to walk away from jobs that dont pay. Had a customer call the other night with 3 1/2 acres to do he described it and said it was a little overgrown because his mower was down. I get there and he had not weed whacked all season or mowed in a month. I quoted him $800 he said no thanks,and I smiled as I got in the truck because I knew for him to do it it would take him at least a week and some other poor LCO can have it and tear up their equip.
Thanks navig8r i'll consider that I'm not sure how much leaf cleanup I can get. As far as which one I'll probably look at Exmark or Toro. Size will be my hardest decision because of gated props.
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