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Man I need a "Z"

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The lawns I'm picking up all seem to be 1 acre props that havn't been mowed for a month right now I use a 42" LT to mow them.
Last night did a prop that took 1 hour to weed whack and 2 hours to mow give or take.

My theory is to get to about 75% capacity I'm only at 20% right now and get a ZTR.

My question is do I go ahead and get the ZTR first thing next spring or go ahead and wait until I get to the 75% capacity.

And the lawn I did last night had about 20 trees and some flower beds to mow around and had to double cut about 1/2 of it. Assuming the 42" LT took me 2 hours how much time could I shave off the mowing time with a ZTR say a 48"

Any help would be appreciated
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Originally posted by Bluesteel
Plus you never know what might catch a new customer’s eye and seeing a new mower seems to draw attention. Of course anyone can buy a mower, but having a ZTR at least makes you look serious about your profession.
I know Ztrs dont catch anyones eye here. everyone of the 20 landscapers I pass on the road or see every day have a ztr or 2.....or 3... on there trailer. I take a second glance now in days if I see a landscaper mowing now with a walkbehind!
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