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Man I need a "Z"

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The lawns I'm picking up all seem to be 1 acre props that havn't been mowed for a month right now I use a 42" LT to mow them.
Last night did a prop that took 1 hour to weed whack and 2 hours to mow give or take.

My theory is to get to about 75% capacity I'm only at 20% right now and get a ZTR.

My question is do I go ahead and get the ZTR first thing next spring or go ahead and wait until I get to the 75% capacity.

And the lawn I did last night had about 20 trees and some flower beds to mow around and had to double cut about 1/2 of it. Assuming the 42" LT took me 2 hours how much time could I shave off the mowing time with a ZTR say a 48"

Any help would be appreciated
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Mike..... consider this...... Shop now..... being late in the season, you may find a good deal on a 2003 machine. When I bought my Lazer last August, I got a financing deal with no payments till April, no Intetrest till March. So since I was goin to buy it this year anyway, I took it home last August instead..... was nice to be usin it for the rest of the season, and for leaves, with no payments.
Did I read it correct? Are you using a lawn tractor now?
If so, with your description of the lawn that took 2 hours, I think would be about 45 minutes to 1 hour, TOPS, on my Lazer. Much more manuverable around trees, and seldom need to double cut. Add that to higher ground speeds (I MOW faster than my old Wheel Horse could GO!) and you'll be amazed.

Do you know what you want yet???

Demo a machine and see what it can do for you.... then work the #'s to see if it's feasible.
Good Luck
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