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Man I need a "Z"

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The lawns I'm picking up all seem to be 1 acre props that havn't been mowed for a month right now I use a 42" LT to mow them.
Last night did a prop that took 1 hour to weed whack and 2 hours to mow give or take.

My theory is to get to about 75% capacity I'm only at 20% right now and get a ZTR.

My question is do I go ahead and get the ZTR first thing next spring or go ahead and wait until I get to the 75% capacity.

And the lawn I did last night had about 20 trees and some flower beds to mow around and had to double cut about 1/2 of it. Assuming the 42" LT took me 2 hours how much time could I shave off the mowing time with a ZTR say a 48"

Any help would be appreciated
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Trust me bud...been there, done that! Just like you, up from a 42" lawn tractor.

First of all, you know your finances better than any of us and I trust you can make a wise decision about when you cn afford to make the purchase. Just don't be like me and put it off until the point you are at 100% capacity and can't take jobs because of the lack of equipment.

Next, don't be a tightwad when buying. Reguardless, this is a big investment, rather you save a grand or whatever. This is the tool you will be earning your living with, day in - day out. Be sure you are going to be happy with it.

Now for size....well that's relative. First you mention gated yards, are we talking squeezing through with the 42" LT? If so, here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

#1 - How good of condition is the 42" LT and how long can I depend on it to do the gated stuff?

#2 - How big of a Z can I use productively on the rest?

Now....if you think the 42" will be on it's way to the grave yard before you can afford to replace it, then you have issues. Then you have to take a look at what % of your current business requires that small of a mower and make a decision based on that. Either a new small mower or don't return to the gated stuff next year, depending on how much %.

Now if the 42" has plenty of life left, you'd be crazy not to get as big of a mower as you can productively use. By that I mean DEMO different size cuts and different overall lenght mowers before making a decision. Personally I did start to finish time studies on 48, 52 & 61 inch mowers before settling on a size. For me & my accounts, in the end I was more productive and less fatigued with the 48" Z. But that's not to say that you can't bust out a ton more production with a bigger mower if you have the right accounts. Overall I'd recommend a 60" class mower with a suspension seat or maybe even a Ferris IS 1000Z or IS 3000Z with the suspension if you can use it.

When I have time I'll come back to this thread and give you a little more info about the "truths" of the production differences between LT's and ZTR's.
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Also as a side note, don't let anyone tell you that no 48" Z's have and trim on the deck. Most don't but a couple do. As far as I know, right here is the most trim you can get on a 48" ZTR.

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