Man I'm glad people are lazy!

CRM Lawncare

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North Carolina
Just picked up three rental homes and the owners personal home. He had been mowing them but said it was just too hot to do it after one week. This guy is mid 30's (and healthy) and lazy. By the way it was a sweltering 58 degrees the day he mowed .

I'm not complaining because I can now go part-time at my 9-5 due to all the accounts I picked up this spring. Hope this trend continues because it will be low 90's every day in a few weeks and I hope nobody wants to mow, more for me.

CRM Lawncare
Hey Crm Lawncare, your sure right about that, I am in Atlanta, I picked up my first account last week. I am waiting on some full color doorhangers to be delivered, and i will hammer my entire subdivision and area.. thank goodness for the Lazy folks..I'll be more then glad to Mow it for them!!

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