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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by haynestotallawn, Jun 1, 2003.

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    I've got an elderly customer that I've worked for going on 2 years now, she always asks for little extras, sometime's I don't mind, like taking a bag of trash to the street or something small like that. She has nearly 450ft of azalias, I charge $45.00 per hour to cut and believe me this is an all day job. Due to the rains we have had here this year I have been unable to get to them so far. The other day I tell her (because she has been asking) that I will be able to cut the hedges Tuesday. She informs me she wants me to begin keeping up with these every week, so I said, yes mam' I'd be glad to once I get them shaped back up and the cost will be "X" dollars more per week. She looked at me like I'm crazy. And said that the price shouldn't go up, I should only shape up a little at a time every week until they are all trimmed up, then maintain them that way every week at the same charge! Now I was raised to respect my elders but come on. I explained to her the cost/time issue and she acts like my words mean nothing to her. She has never complained about my service in fact she loves the work I do and has referred me to several of my clients. So we both decided she should shop around and see what else she can find, and I told her before I left, when she can't find anyone else to give me a call, and if I have room on my schedule I'll try to add her back in. I was polite to her the whole time, however, needless to say the cost will be more. UNREAL! Give an inch and they take a mile! Lesson Learned!
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    I think you done the right thing. Now, when she calls back she will understand that the extra work comes with a price tag. If she don't call back...move on.

    There is nothing worse than going to a property, working hard at giving quality results to a person that is to cheep to pay you what your worth.

    good luck
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    In my opinion many seniors are getting steeped in entitlement mentality. I.E. life should be like my social security check- guarenteed with no questions.

    Many of them suffer from the delusion that since they no longer EARN a paycheck you shouldn't either.

    Wacky and selfish but all to prevelent.

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    Are you actually serious? Ummm, last time I checked, social security was something that is a percentage that is taken from any wages that you earn while working. So how is it that people don't EARN a check. They earn it because they spent their whole lives working and paying into it. And its not like its that much either. My grandmother worked until she was 70 and she gets a whopping $1100 a month. I agree that you shouldn't work for free, but I have yet to meet someone that feels entitled to something just because they are older.
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    OK. I am serious. Not long ago - 3 or 4 weeks maybe - I read a report informing me that even though I've been working all of my workable years so far, by the time I am 70 I still will not be ABLE to retire because there will not be any Social Security left! This is not the first time I've heard that, either.

    This leaves me asking a viable question - just what the heck am I paying into then? My elderly clients are getting their S.S. - and half are griping about how much it costs to have their yard cared for.
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    I read somewhere a while back that a person of average income all their life that is now collecting social security will collect all of what they paid in, the first 2 or 3 years that they are getting social security checks.
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    You haven't been in business long enough yet I assume. Many older people are very honest and believe in paying, but just as many assume that because they are on a "fixed" income you should give the breaks. You'll learn.
  8. sheppard

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    "I have yet to meet someone that feels entitled to something just because they are older."

    Dear Dave, all the crabby seniors moved down to Florida!

    But seriously folks...I'm not addressing the particular aspects of Social Security. I'm talking about the pervailing & growing attitude of "I desreve a break because I'm a senior!" garbage.

    Case in point: my Dad, before he died last year, asked me to clean up his yard and chain saw a number of dead dogwoods. Said "Charge me just what you would another customer." I did and he nearly fell to the ground. Actually I quoted it to him first, then his jaw dropped. He finally said "I guess I've been out of the business world too long...I don't know what service industries are charging."

    Before anyone takes me to the wood shed my Dad & I settled on a substantial discount with me suggesting he buy some small equipment needs for me. I knew he'd react that way, both because he was my Dad & because he was a senior citizen.

    Sorry but I have to call 'em like I see 'em.

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    I think you are paying Social Security for the people who work for you in Congress. I don't think they pay Social Security.
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    This kind of thing is exactly why I dont deal with residentials anymore.

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