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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sgtm, Jul 12, 2003.

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    Hello Guys,

    What are the pluses and minuses when trying to determine which of these herbicides to use when targeting nut sedges. Additional comments outside of nut sedge treatment, will be highly appreciate.

    Does image discolor turf more than image.
  2. I mix liquid iron in with my herbicides.
  3. sgtm

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    I did use iron with my herbicides at one time, but with the tips located in the from to the P.G. Ride on it streaked the lawns to much.

    By the way, which is cheaper Image or Manage? I have bought image (11.48 0z @ $78.00), but I have never priced manage.
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    manage is around 100 bucks for 1.5 oz. But that is not the cost to look at. It is the cost per 1000 sq.ft. that will make or break the bank. If you have to use more of the other then it could end up costing more.
    I have never used image so I am not sure on the rate used but manage is .9 grams / 1000. That aint much stuff.

    I do know that manage knocks it out each and every time with no turf discoloration to date. The most common method for treating is with a hand held or back pack sprayer and doing spot treatments as needed. Works good so far so I would recommend it to you.
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    Image is not for use on cool season grass, but will not harm or should not even discolor warm season grasses. Image,however, is slow to work, cannot reapply for 6 weeks. Image will kill just more than nutsedge, it will kill most grassy weeds, with the exception of Dallis grass, use MSMA for Dallis grass. Manage will usually just kill nutgrass. Manage is somewhat faster than Image.
    I usually use Image because I usually have just more than Nutsedge to control (on onarmental beds), but, I almost always have to reapply in 6 weeks. Very slow, but has good control. My suggestion is use Image for in ornamental beds, and not on turf. There are products for turf that are much faster. Good 'ole MSMA works fast and is cheap, but will take multiple applications, but can be re-applied only after 10 - 14 days. Keep in mind though, MSMA WILL discolor Bermuda grass. An non-ionic surfactant will help prevent buring, also (learned this one from LGF) liquid N will help.

    Sgtm, if you are JUST treating Nutsedge use Manage, I believe it costs more, but really works. Do you have any other weeds to rid of?
  6. sgtm

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    It is just a nut sedge problem in some bermudagrass turf. It appears that manage is the way to go. Thank you for the information Guys.
  7. turfmonger

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    we have custom mixed our own super trimec. Have used it for two years with exceptional results.

    Part 992 part msma, mix rate varies slightly as you move from the 80's into the 90's but Very effective against nutsedge.

    Be careful on warm season turf- Bermuda and zoysia here in K.C.

    Hope I have been helpful
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    If you use a lot of manage, find a farm supplier and buy Permit. It is manage for agriculture. Comes in 4, 2.66 oz packs or something like that. I paid $187.00 for the equivalent of 8 bottles of manage. Big cost difference!
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