managerial analysis of mowing crews

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BradLewisLawnCare, Jun 12, 2012.

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    One big question. Do companies bring multiple people so they don't have to buy more equipment? Seems like a lot of ideas were that people want to get through the mowing lists quicker. I am thinking 10 years down the road. how many machines do you have to buy over that time to mow for 10 years. What if you cut the usage of those machines in half now so they last longer. Any idea how that might affect the mowers?

    I like the safety concern of being stuck and the moral idea.
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    If he can drive a car he can drive a mower. He can drive straight down the road and not hit anything he can mow staight lines.

    This thing raises and lowers the deck, that engages the blade, watch out for and don't mow any debris.

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    Initially anyone will make more money working solo because they don't have to pay a second salary out of their pocket.

    Keeping all the profit is not the same as being more efficient or making the most money.

    There are only so many hours in a week that a solo can work and bill for.

    The phrase economy of scale is why large corps as Brickman makes more profit for their owners. They're making a percentage off of every employee they have. What they earn off the back's off their employees is more then you or any other LCO can make working solo.

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    Again you try to prove that sending out both workers solo you would be making more money so one worker will mow faster then a crew of two.

    Problem is the variable of drive time. Is your route's that large that you're better sending out two trucks better then one?

    Think this way they go out together they mow the properties in half the time, yet still have the same total drive time whether one truck doing 30 miles or two trucks doing 15 miles.

    Then you save money by only running one truck, one less registration, plates, inspection, maintenance, repairs, insurance.
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    Not proving. Statistical numbers prove. Not that they mow faster, faster per man hour.

    Routes are big enough. From Troy Albany is southwest 4-8 miles Latham is west 4 and Troy is 10 miles north to south 3 miles wide. Population of 250000 in that area not counting outskirts. So kinda in the middle. 30 miles 2 guys = 60 mile drive time. To pay a guy for 30 extra miles . That's the dilemma.
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    You're on the right track, don't let these guys distract you.

    Unless these are larger accounts, one man makes more per hour than 2 will.

    I am not talking solo operators, because neither is the OP. I am talking crews, as in employees. I'm going to hazard a guess that I am in a different boat than probably 95% of the posters here. I have crews, as in employees, that mow for me. Yes, I mow once in awhile. Sometimes a lot. But I have done the job costing. One man crews consistently make more dollars per hour than 2 or 3 man crews because there is little to no wasted time waiting for the other guy to do whatever he has to do before finishing. Add in travel time and they will blow larger crews out of the water even more.

    I wish I still had access to my info for CLIP. I had 6 or 7 years worth of job costing on mostly the same accounts. The dollars per hour always went higher with fewer crew members. And based on estimated man hours, the 1 man crew always beat 2 man, everything being equal. I even had a brand new mowing person that could beat the estimated times. That was her first year working for me.
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    You lost me at hello.
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    I don't crunch numbers into a computer to tell me how to stay competetive or profitable, I leave that to bean counters. Every company is different. And you are absolutely right I run two 2 man crews yet have no employees. If you told me to send one of my guys to mow a 13 acre facility we mow and it would be more cost effective.... I would have to call your bluff. 2000 sq ft lawns, yeah one guy is more effecient than 2. But for me and my opinion I wouldn't send four guys, with four trucks trailers and mowers an hour from the shop to mow properties in the same town. Calculated man hours is a great base but when your average size property is 60,000 sq ft sending only one man is a step backwards, not all businesses fall into a "cookie cutter" mold becuase a computer says so.... IMHO :waving:
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    We've been through this a hundred times already, one man crews do not "consistently make mre dollars per hour than 2 or 3 man crews." What do you base that on? And you guys always talk about "travel time." How far apart are your houses?
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    Why are you running around all day with the push mower when you have help? You're not saving any time doing it that way. Let him cut everything with the 42 rider and you string trim, then blow.

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