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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lost mountain, Dec 11, 2001.

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    Southeastern Wholesale has been beating Pike Wholesale's pricing everytime on items "off the yard" and they have a guy onsite with a direct ship operation - great if you need a large number of a certain item.

    The S.E.W. location is there off Canton Hwy. (not Canton Rd. Connector) between Kennestone and Sandy Plains Rd. parallel to the RR tracks. Talk to David Ziemenick or Mike Carpenter who's the manager. Rusty Keenan is the Direct Ship guy. David and Mike used to work at Shemin in Kennesaw several years ago.

    I hate it that Pike Wholesale in Holly Springs isn't doing better on the pricing for me because I really like those guys up there and they have a great place and selection. SEW isn't as nice and it tends to take longer in order to get served. Some trade off.

    Shemin is sort of in outer space. I believe it has to do with their parent company - Weyerhauser. Also because they let McGinnis Farms put the hurt on them over the years. I'm sure you noticed that John Deere Landscapes bought McGinnis. McGinnis has always been reliable but I'm not crazy about the treatment I've received there: 1st they put off a vibe like "you're just some jackleg out there who doesn't know what you're doing and 2nd that they really don't care about your buisness because they're busy with Post Landscape Group, White Oak or Gibbs - major construction projects." Know what I mean? It's not my imagination, I've witnessed that for years. The small guys add up and should be the bulk of their buisiness from what the other nurseries tell me.
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    You too? It's like I've donned the invisibility cloak when I step into McGinnis Farms. I stopped going there last year, and haven't been back since they've become JD Landscape. I guess I took it personally.

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