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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingismylife, May 24, 2004.

  1. mowingismylife

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    I'm going to be moving to VA and Starting fresh with the lawn care business i started in ohio and done it for 1 year but will be moving to Va the first week of June i would like to know the starting price for mowing in the Manassas,Culpeper,Midland and surrounding area starting price for mowing and trimming????? Also do you guys charge like a starting price to do mulching or cleanout flowerbedS? I need all the info i can about the starting prices in and around these area's also to all the VA guys is VA a good place to start a new lawn care business? I heard nothing but good things and demand for lawn care there. THanks for any info you guys can give me thanks.
  2. Green Pastures

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    HUGE spanish population in that area.............

    Best of luck to you.
  3. upsondown

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    It's a huge cut-throat area here - and MANY illegal mexicans just waiting to be picked up for day labor - and INS is no where in sight............Tons of LCO's in the area - but always room for more.

    On a serious note.......this is a good area - but be prepared to sharpen your pencil. You'll find huge demand with the booming explosion of new construction - You may want to consider looking into Loudoun county - as it's the fastest growing county with new homes......that is - if you do and plan on doing residentials. Good luck and hope you will look me up when you come to Virginia.
  4. Craig Jones

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    We live in Eastern Prince William County but do have some customers in the Manassas area. My sons who own and run this business usually will not set foot on a piece of property for less than $35.00 for a small sized lot. (Residential) Many people work long hours here as well as having long commutes. Also most couples are both working, so there little free time for them to do their own lawn maintenance. They are willing to pay good money for good lawn service. There is also a large amount of commercial construction, so there should be plenty of work in that sector as well. The cost of living here is pretty high, so you need to factor this into your costing. I noticed some person in the local ad paper just moved here and setup a business. This area has lots of work due to the housing boom and you should be very successful. In Prince William County all you need to do is get a business license and do not have to pay any business taxes until you hit the $100,000 threshhold. We do have a lot of large LCOs in this area as well in the Alexandria area.

    There is a large Hispanic population here and they seem to be employed by a lot of the companies. We have lost some work due to price cutting but still maintain our pricing and are able to keep plenty of work.

    Another factor in this area is the heavy traffic. YOu will need to factor this in when setting up routes. Many folks specialize in certain areas to keep their vehicles off the road sitting in traffic.

    The advice given regarding Loundon County is very good. It is an upscale area and fast growing. I believe your greatest growth potential would be in that area.

    Good luck in your endeavor and I hope this is of help.
  5. upsondown

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    $45 is our minimum starting price. Distance in driving is not always the major factor here - it's the waiting in traffic that is the killer. Finding a home here under 200k is like finding a needle in a haystack - so Craig is absolutely correct - both husband and wife are working for the most part and either don't have time - or just don't want to maintain their lawns and will pay for guality lawn service. They key is Quality. Not sure where you will be physically located - as parts of Midland are in Fauquier county. If there - the business license costs are quite a bit different from PW county. You will have to pay according to EVERY dollar that you make. I'll be glad to help you get started or if you get in a pinch and need to borrow a piece of equipment - I'm just a phone call away.
  6. Gravely_Man

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    Best of luck to you moving in the middle of the season while the grass is starting to slow itÂ’ growth do to the heat/lack of rain. I live in Loudon County and the phone book is filled with LCOs. You will need to hustle but it is possible to get your foot in the door here.
    The way business is done here and traffic will be a huge change from Ohio.

  7. mowingismylife

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    hey thanks guys for the info it sure does give me a starting point and i can tell already that doing business in Va is going to be far different then in Ohio. Because here you can be one of the fairest priced lawn care businesses and your still to high priced for most people. SO i am looking forward to working in Va. And me and my girlfriend who runs the business with me plan on living in the Fauquier county part of MIdland. So in Fauquier county you get your business license and pay according to how much money you make right? How does this work? becasue this is something for sure new to me. Whats some services that are in high demand aside from Mowing and Trimming? thanks dave and everyone else that gave your input it will for sure help me
  8. jlewis

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    Big cost of living difference. I looked at moving to Dayton for my day job (The clock tower off of I75 in downtown Dayton). Compared to Balto, Dayton would have been a 10% pay increase. I decided my blood was not "blue" and R&R is not my life.

  9. Craig Jones

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    When my older son was still here, he did a lot of landscape work as well as lawn maintenance which had a good markup Since he moved to S. C., we stick mainly to mowing. We also bought some equipment when some landscape companies sold out in the Manassas area and offered aeration as well as overseeding.

    We do not get involved with fertilization or weed control since we are not licensed for that. The only reason we are not licensed is the requirement of working for an applicator which we were not able to do.

    The reason we do business in Prince William County is in part due to the license issue and we happen to live in the county.

    Please bear in mind we bought our house when prices were real cheap. The real estate prices here now are simply insane and might be an real hinderance to you. Just to keep in mind.

    Again, good luck. We did get some rain last night but it is stillrelatively dry here.
  10. upsondown

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    yes you must pay what is called BPOL taxes which when you start - you must file for a business license with Fauquier county treasurer's office. They will review to make sure that where you physically are operating from conforms with the proper zoning for a business license and if so - will issue you such. Keep in mind that here in Virginia we also have a personal property tax on equipment as well as vehicles that must be paid. I know there are many small operators who cheat when it comes to paying their taxes by not claiming all of their equipment - but if you follow the requirement - you will be paying taxes each year on your mowers, trimmers, etc.., as well as your vehicles. Every county in the state has that requirement - none are exempt. Our county requires filing the form by May 1st of each year and taxes are due on our equipment by December 5th of each year. The depreciation which we claim with the IRS on equipment must line up with that of what is on file in our local government office - otherwise "oh oh". Sounds complicated - but it's not...........just more money for Uncle Sam. The other gentleman is correct that real estate prices are pretty insane around here. I think the cheapest new home being constructed in my county now is in the neighborhood of $250k and that's for a crapola house and they're being sold like hotcakes.

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