Manitoba Pesticide Ban Introduced

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bodaggin, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Ontario did this a few yrs back if I remember.But a lot of guys are coming over the boarder to buy stuff to bring back.
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    You're very right. I think back in 2010. Tough to police it although it's easy to have a yard that "stands out" in a sea of weeds and an angry neighbour calls you in. We've never offered pesticides so all this ban does to us is squeeze our competitors.

    It will create much drama nonetheless.
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    Just my comment on your blog post, I really would not have posted that.

    I see the point you are trying to make however I don't believe that it is going to drive any new business your way.

    As to a property "standing out in a sea of weeds"
    We have been using the alternative "Fiesta" and yes it is not instant results however the lawn can still be weed free and look just like it has with Par 3 applications.

    Biggest difference is that the product costs a lot more.

    I do lawn, fertilize, snow etc....this new law is not going to affect my business as all, in my opinion if any affect is going to happen it will be to the companies out there that 95% fertilize and weed control only. In Winnipeg the national companies and 2 more very large local companies come to mind.

    In reality we really should have banded together here in Manitoba and stood up against this as it is not a complete ban as all golf courses and farmers can still use the products.
    Who do you think actually uses the most chemicals the two above or us lawncare guys? A half assed ban is what this amounts to, they rant about our water and health yet allow others a loophole, so the government has some sort of agenda here, and we all sit by and just accept it.....all out ban or nothing is how it should have been.
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    To be honest, the article is nothing more than SEO. Unfortunately big Google doesn't like static sites, so pick a controversial topic, make a post about it, and link to it from reputable websites. It's also why the blog portion of my website is quite hidden from where the main customer goes. So I agree with your point of not writing it, but those my intentions and it's working.

    The "national and larger local companies" are exactly who I am referencing regarding this ban. Considering they hold a large number of customers for spillover services, if their main income stream gets hit it could affect them as a business which affects the spillover customers (grass cutting, snow removal, cleanups, etc). The benefit to us is that we aren't exposed to any applications, while those large companies are. The more stress their company realizes the easier we can compete with them, or even lap their customers up for cheap if they can't weather the storm.

    The reasons for the ban mentioned were "the safety of families, kids, and pets" from the direct contact with the lawn. I haven't heard much about the waterway argument on pesticides, only fertilizer and the phosphorus debate. This could very much be their way of sneaking around that criticism.

    The "band together" point is also one that benefits me. I have full confidence that the industry will try to fight this through the media, possible promotional material, committee hearings, and maybe even litigation. All of which cost those companies more time and money; weakening them further. Instead of accepting the brutal fact of the ban and restructuring quickly to minimize its impact, I feel confident their ego's will jump out--as they already are--and these companies will spend resources on a fight. If they do this, it will simply spread them too thin and instead of just losing their main stream of revenue, they'll be paying for a fight that they just won't win.

    I agree with your comments. And to be clear, my personal beliefs are that the ban is a nanny state, tyrannical removal of personal freedoms and property rights. I'm just stating the impacts the situation will likely have on my business.

    Best of luck to ya this season. Busy winter eh?
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    I agree with you.
    Speaking of already reacting you have probably seen the large Wpg player advertising big cost increases next season etc....don't want to mention the company name but the one with the elaborate flyer that opens from a 6x6 flyer to a 2 foot x 2 foot one, I think they are already beginning to panic....
    The one good thing about this is they have a lot of mowing clients that only use them because they also do their applications, if they falter we are all there to pick the clients up, 2 sides to every coin.

    I don't even want to talk about this past
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    Absolutely the spillover I'm referring to. Bang on. That's a hell of a flyer isn't it? Big and green, it's like toilet paper for the Hulk. hahahaha

    Good luck to ya man. I'm still compiling evidence on that plow charge. I'll let you know once I get an answer however court date is set for Feb 2015 lol

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