Manual Aerators?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tlc1994, Jan 8, 2011.

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    I'm in high school and I'm learning about aeration and the best equipment to use. Most yards in my city are a quarter acre or less. I don't need a $1000+ walk-behind aerator to do yards, at least not this early. I have enough energy for a quarter acre, but I don't know any manual aerators that would be a $500 or less investment. Sorry for sounding like a rookie, but I don't know where a could find a manual aerator that can still do a quality job- I don't care if it will take longer or more work for now.

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    I have never seen a manual aerator unless you consider a tow behind manual. I would think a manual aerator would be to hard to do. But they mite make one ? Try to google it

    Charles Cue
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    I have a 2 tined step on aerator would take you a long time to plug even a small lawn. Those are best left for the homeowner who has time on their hands or nothing better to do. The openings on the tines are too small and clog easily and frankly works poorly in our rocky soil here. It also help if you weigh well over 240 pounds to pull a good plug. I was considering taking it to a fabrication shop and having them weld up 5/8 Plugr style tines to it or beak style tines. Thanks for the reminder.... this is a good marketing tool for estimates etc. I need to get that done.
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    Check Mexico:cool2:
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    thats great
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    I'm not sure about prices in your area, but around here you can find a small gas powered unit that will still get the job done for around $500-$600. Like a small Bluebird unit.
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    Rent the aerator that you need during the first year or two. Do them all on the same day in fall if possible. Its hard work. Applying seed is easier and would probably improve the lawn just as much.
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    Advertise two months before going out and renting one so you can let your customers know the benefits of aerating, being young it's hard to convince anybody that you know a damn thing about lawn care, sometimes they might look at you as just a kid out to make some bucks. I know because I've been there and it's annoying and frustrating as hell haha. So your biggest challenge will be to advertise that aeration is a highly beneficial treatment for the lawn and can conserve water, reduce thatch (explain what thatch is) and reduce compaction. I would do this by printing out some fliers and distributing to your customers and also explaining to them how it helps in person. After you get enough people, you can go and rent one at a rental yard like PDQ or even *shudder* home depot, for roughly $60. Then drive around in your pickup and hit the lawns all in one day. You could potentially cover the cost of the aerators rental with one lawn.

    I have one of those step on aerators that I bought at Armstrong's that I use for getting into corners and around spray heads. A good walk behind aerator will get the cores down 2+ inches at least and just be sure to watch out for irrigation and landscape lighting wires! A SourceOne PLUGR aerator will actually take out cores of wood if you hit a tree root.

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