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manual reel mowers

Advance Lawncare

LawnSite Member
Springdale, AR
Does anyone use a manual reel mower on any of their properties? No, I'm not talking about an ancient, rusty, type, but something along the lines of the "top line" Mclane manual reel?

Main reason I ask is I have a new customer that has a VERY nice Zoysia lawn that he wants cut below 2". This could be done with either my 36" wb, or my 21", and technically could be done with my super z, but I'm not putting the super z on this sized property, especially not on this turf.

Anyhow, just curious as to if anyone uses a manual reel for anything like this (yes the customer pays enough to make it worth the effort).

If so, how big of a pain in the rump are the newer manual reels to use?

Or, would you just say screw it and use the 36" wb?



LawnSite Senior Member
I have a reel mower (ground driven ) Jacobsen F10 mower....cut is good but
Sharpening (or getting them sharpened is a pain and expensive.) .....If quality is paramont and the extra machine cost and maintenance expenses don't bother you....get the reel .....otherwise I'd stick w/ the rotary WB (hard to tell a differnrce if blades are sharp and cut is 2")....Only reason I got the F10 was because it was in good shape and cheap and allowed me to have the Biggest Mower in the area!....It is an interesting conversation piece....never really used it to mow anything....of course if I got a really large job......