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    I always liked backing up a trailer better with a stick. Now if the truck will be driven by you only, a stick is no problem. If employees are gonna drive it, you will go thru some clutches. And if you'll be driving in a lot of traffic a stick is just a PITA.
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    I have a Dodge 01 w Ho Cummins and six speed tranny. I have a Bri-Mar 18', 12000 GVW trailer.. I pull compact tractors all the time. Some are at the 10,000 mark which legally puts me over.. Luckily, this one machine is only pulled here and there a few miles at a time.. I wouldn't even try an automatic.. Anyone familiar with Bigelow Hollow in Ct, would undertand.. Pretty severe pull in the hollow..

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    It just doesn't seem like a truck to me unless it has a clutch.....
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    I had a Mazda b4000 with a stick, 4.0 liter and it pulled a 16 foot tandem axle with two exmark 60" mowers on it. It was rough on hills but I made it. I now drive a jeep with the 5.2 liter in it and automatic. It is a whole lot nicer but I fear the transmission in it? :cool:
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    I prefer the manual tranny myself but I just bought a truck with an auto in it and Im gonna add coolers to it to hopefully add to the life of it. I think that on the auto tranny you need to add an extra cooler and service the fluid every year to get them top hold up in a 1/2 ton pick up. If you plan to push snow I would not get a manual tranny

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