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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Not sure who you are responding that Manahawkin has good money. Local area is getting bigger, and LBI is very popular right now. It is very difficult to market in a shore community. It requires great customer service and ongoing sales efforts. What is your name and where are you from?

    Gerry - our website and media are all personally driven articles. No permission required as they are open links to the companies websites. Some of which came to us and many of which we contributed our time for that purpose, to create the public image and persona that reflects the "Reynolds" name. I always tell a client that is comparing us to another company that all they have to do is look at our resume (website and links) to see that what you get when you choose our system.

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Reynolds Lighting
  2. irrig8r

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    Just ran across Top Lighting today. I have to admit their line looks familiar.
  3. RLI Electric

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    I heard the Home Depot is going to start carrying FX. Is there anyone else who can confirm this rumor?
  4. Lite4

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    I can't imagine why they would do that, it doesn't really fit their DIY demographic.
  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Hey Tim, It wouldnt surprise me one bit if HD does a deal with a manu like FX. HD has long been after "mid line" of LV lighting fixtures. They just recently dropped malibu (more like Intermatic dropped the line) and intermatic and the Snoc line does not sell very well.

    Bill Locklin (Bless his soul) used to tell a wonderful story about the time when a big box chain (not sure if it was HD or not) was after him to sell Nightscaping on a retail basis.

    Given the market conditions in your Country, I can see how Hunter might be tempted to do a volume deal with a big box. They just took on a chunk of new meat to chew when they acquired FX and probably need the sales no matter what.

    One good thing that might come of it, if it is true, is that FX would finally have to list their products for use here in Canada :canadaflag: I cannot see HD taking on a line that could not be sold North American wide.


    P.S. Brings up another relationship; Unique and Seagull. How is unique managing that relationship now that Seagull has filed for Chapter 11 Protection?
  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    My goodness, looks like someone went on a shopping trip to China! Now where have I seen every single one of those fixtures before? hmmmmm? oh ya, at any of about a dozen different "Manufacturer's" websites!

  7. Alan B

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    Top Lights is a spin off (former employee) of SPJ. The reality is SPJ was the originator. Nate and Unique got their fixtures from SPJ when they first started, then after building traction, Unique went on their own. Rockscapes also came out of SPJ, and after the owner sold Rockscapes, he has then started and incubated several other smaller manu's. Cast came out of Unique. Cast founder was one of Uniques largest distributors who then went on his own. If you want to play fair, you could say SPJ was the first and major originator of what you call the ubiquitous fixtures--and Unique and Cast came out of them. The reason most don't realize this is because they companies that use distribution channels have 1000's of sales people and dealers telling them that the dealer supplied products are the real products and everything else is garbage.

    I will acknowledge that 95% off the ubiquitous fixtures are not comparable to Cast or Unique in quality, components, finishing, reliability, innovation, support. Additionally Cast and Unique are "real" companies that support the industry, quality and innovation which in my eyes makes them very important and valuable.

    Obviously, I am touting my own horn, but that is because I believe there is a great comparative advantage of using a factory direct manu IF you can find one that has a quality product and is a stand-up company (which includes having inventory, support, innovation, quality). It will bring more power to the contractor and eliminate inefficiencies that hurt that contractor.

    Just as some take an LED light made in china with the same casting and heat sink and then install their own components. Its all standard business. For the record, I have nothing to do with any of the companies I mentioned, I'm not defending them, just stating it how it is.


  8. Alan B

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    I also want to add, that I believe what James is doing--taking a product and trying to improve it is exactly what we all need and not a put down. It's called innovation, free market, progress. Competition is what makes things better, more efficient and help everyone and should be embraced not feared, especially when manufacturer competition is what will help the contractor. In the end the better product, business model and company will rise to the top.
  9. Alan B

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    James, I have several LED's that I have from long ago and they have the exact same casting that your products have, down to to the die stamped symbols on the top cover plate. However the internal components are different and they perform differently. It's hard to distinguish unless each product is actually bought and tested. In the end, I think we all agree it is preferable to create your own mold designs to help the buyer dishtinguish and also in the spirit of uniqueness. However when first starting it often makes sense to use and existing and just improve the components, functionality and quality. The when you build traction invest in the new casting.
  10. Alan B

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    Let me finish my posting spree.

    Regarding FX. I don't know if they will be in HD. But if they do, it will likely be analogous to how the irrigation products are distributed in HD. The mainline manu's that sell through contractor distribution sell one grade to contractors (high quality) and create a lower end line of irrigation that they sell through HD (lower quality plastic). I would think IF fx sell in HD, it certainly would not be the same products that FX currently sells through distribution. It would be a lower end line (probably much better than the disposable Malibu styles fixtures, but much lower than their real contractor line).


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