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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by eskerlite, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. eskerlite

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    I am wondering if many Manufacturers poll Contractors and Distributors about what they want in a fixture or transformer or do they predict the market/want to change the market with their products and decisions. I would think many manufacturers would want to know what the most sold fixtures are and at what price the contractors can get in their region.
    I am not saying they dont do this, I would like to discuss it a little more. Most of my field recommendations to manufacturers go unheard. How many Contractors have had much input with their manufacturers? I know what kind of relationship NS has with its contractors in general and how in depth they will go to create for you but what about the others? Just polling Us Lawnsite lighting nerds would bring alot of efficiency to the industry.
    Sean C.
  2. Pro-Scapes

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    Some have said in the past Kichler listens but the only one I have experience with that did this is Coppermoon.

    Doug Shumate took several contractors out for a weekend and seriously listened as we went over a majority of his line. He took this to the drawing board and now the fixtures show the changes we all agreed needed to be made and he also developed a new fixture at the recomendation of a few contractors. That coupled with the fact he did not push his line all weekend and only wanted to hang out and get to know alot of us was absolutly outstanding. He has even restocked himself to make leads in the way a few oh us asked for. Now thats service.

    I cant speak about the late great Bill Locklin but I did hear he was constantly listening to what guys wanted and delivering on that. If you wanna do it right you better listen to your customers. Unique seems to do the same thing as well. Joey is listening about the shroud talk in the t6 thread.
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    Very new here but the rep for vista said almost everything in their line was customizable.... he had a very tall walkway light that was much shorter. that they they were making just for 1 contractor for a few years who kept requesting them, before offering it as a standard offering

    he said " if you guys want something just call and we can figure it out.. he also said you could call the owner at the factory and BS half the day away"...

    common sense to me that if guys are figuring out new applications and designs....and are willing to pay for them...then someone smart will make them..
  4. Chris J

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    A couple of times per year, Kichler will fly several of us out to their corporate headquarters for a round-table of sorts. They do this to get feedback from the field, and find out from us what we want them to do better. They get lots of input, and I have seen a few of my recommendations come to light (so to speak). Kichler is a very large organization, however, so I'm sure they will never make everyone happy.
  5. klkanders

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    Chris, Care to share what some of your ideas were? If not tell me to shut-up and mind my own business.
  6. Chris J

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    One of them was the knuckle (pivot point) on the 15361 wall wash. It used to be very weak, and now it's more robust. Another is the whole harp assembly on the 15443 path light. Several changes have been made (not sure you have seen all of them yet) but there are still a couple more that I'd like to see implemented. The big issue with this light, which is still not resolved, is the grommet inside the shade which receives the harp assembly. This is an extremly weak point, and must be changed. If the shade is bent, and then straighted, you are likely to see the grommet pop right out of the shade leaving you to use some kind of epoxy to weld it back in (or take it in for warranty replacement).
    Now shut up and mind your own business! :laugh:
  7. Chris J

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    Oh! Another suggestion of mine that was implemented was the integration of the multi-tap transformer with tilted terminal lugs and flip up door. That was my idea ya know. I also invented stranded cable......
  8. Dreams To Designs

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    Last week while at MAHTS in Atlantic City i was asked by one of the lighting manufacturers to share some of my ideas on his line. We talked at great length about his product and I offered many suggestions for improvements and even introduced him to another small manufacturer that is doing a nice job on improving on existing products. Later that day when I was having a sandwich and a beer with one of the reps of the lighting manufacturer, he wanted t know what I had said to the owner. He stated after I left the booth, he was writing down all sorts of notes and making calls to the factory to ask if some of the ideas were possible and what it would take to implement the ideas.

    The only way we as designers or installers will grow is with professional critiques and education, and the same goes for manufacturers. The good manufacturers will respond to the needs of their clients as well as keep up with trends in the market. This should be a symbiotic relationship, where both sides benefit and grow.

    Next week I will be attending a Vista advanced class by invitation of the instructor. He has asked me to attend the class and take part in class discussions as well as critique the program with him at the conclusion. From what i understand, this instructor is very good, but he still feels the need to improve.

  9. irrig8r

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    Nightscaping has kind of a focus group of contractors whose suggestions and complaints seem to be listened to....

    Weren't you once a member of that group?
  10. NightScenes

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    I would just confirm what Chris J. said. Kichler does fly some contractors out to their headquarters in Cleveland and we give feedback on everything from their lighting products to the catalogs. We have seen several changes over the years in both.

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