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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Sep 21, 2004.

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    I was thinking of MAYBE switching to Scag zero turn sometime due to an excellent dealer of Scag and awful dealer (plus long drive) for Ferris that i have. I also love eXmark but I've found dealer is more important with a new machine.

    Now i have the 23hp kaw/ 52" deck on my Ferris and thats just fine. Good combo. With the bagger it does fine even too and with doubles. But using the bagger on hills, the extra weight and power consumption sucks it down quite a bit.
    Looking at Scag's, I have interest in these models:

    Tiger Cub 52" 23hp kaw with Soft Ride seat $7300
    Tiger Cub 52" 24hp Honda with Soft Ride seat $7379

    Turf Tiger 52" 23hp Kaw Liquid Cooled with Torsion Spring suspension seat $8600
    Turf Tiger 52" 27hp Kohler with Torsion Spring suspension seat $8300

    And some sort of bagger for whichever one. Either the clamshell or three bag or an Accelerator side catcher (undecided on these choices but thats not the main concern now). I may not be able to make the switch now or even this year, and i may decide to keep what i have. But of those models listed what are good and bad of each? I find the Ferris compact enough for what i do but a friend has the Tiger Cub 52" 23hp kaw and it's alot more compact. I think the Turf Tiger would not be any larger than my Ferris, so size of that is not an issue. If i get a deck driven catcher i would prefer more power than just the 23hp Kaw, although I can definately live with it if i need to.

    Reasons for Turf Tiger over the Cub:
    More power
    Slightly longer for slightly better ride
    Can get the full blown suspension seat
    Beefier construction (not really an issue)


    Can the clamshell catcher be mounted easily by one person?

    How do these respective models handle on hills compared to each other and to my Ferris? I saw my friend using his Tiger Cub sideways on a hill and it looked pretty good.

    How is the Honda 24hp compared to the 23hp Kaw power-wise? Does it have more power or about the same? I love my kaw's but would not hesitate to get a Honda. The dealer said he's sold some with Honda and no problems with them.

    I would strongly think about the Turf Tiger 27hp Kohler 52" with suspension seat, because it's got the most power, strength, can get the suspension seat, etc. I also would think about either model of Tiger Cub. I'd consider the liquid cooled TT, but for the price i think i would pass on it, i haven't found liquid cooled a necessary thing for me right now and it's just more maintenance and things on the machine to add weight and go wrong.

    I know the TT is a few hundred pounds heavier than the Cub, but it weighs the same as my Ferris and it's weight is not an issue thus far so no problems there. How does the Cub ride with the soft ride seat? How does the TT ride with the suspension seat?

    I know the Accelerator is highly recommended and i'd love to have one. it would be more cost effective, but i also have reasons for a collection system (larger capacity, more chopping action in leaves, packs in very tight, narrower width, less weight to empty, etc.) but an Accelerator would be nice for quick bagging jobs. Coupled with an OCDC (which i would build) i beleive an Accelerator would be sufficient. I could easily build a vac powered collection system for leaves which i'm sure i would. So, if i wouldn't need extra power for a bagger, i'm back to the Cub maybe.... But then I think i might rather just have the TT 52" 27hp with the clamshell and suspension seat. This would run me about $10799 and for that i'd better be completely satisfied in every aspect! Thats another $1200 over what i paid for my Ferris and i'm getting a better seat and 4 more horsepower, plus dump from seat capacity. For grass bagging, I think i'd make some sort of low profile grass box on the truck maybe 2' high or something with a mesh tarp and a small vac engine so i just dump on the ground and suck into the truck. 2 or 3' high would be sufficient for me and i think that could be cleaner and about as fast as emptying each bag individually. I get alot of grass and dust on me dumping my bagger now, especially since i have to lift it to face level to get it into the truck. With this setup i can go from grass right to leaves without switching anything on the mower (bagger wise) and just putting higher sides on the truck. The clamshell would be nice to dump from seat, hold 2 bushels more, and not be as wide as a bag unit (thats important on some places i do). The clamshell would be especially nice in fall when dumping frequently.

    Ok i am over-anaylzing now maybe....

    Ya i'm thinking out loud. any comments? input from Scag users? Would like to see some pics of cut and stripes from a 52" Scag rider (please no pics from w/b's or size riders other than 52"). And opinions on the clamshell. I beleive i have seen lots of good about it before.
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    We have two Scag Tiger Cubs 48/19kaw. One is a 2003 with 350hrs, and the other is 2004 with 120hrs. They cut great with high lift mulchers. We demoed a Tiger Cub 52in with 23kaw (we put 20hrs on it) and really liked it. We didnt buy it because it was about $1400 more than the 48. We also had a Tiger Cub 52 with 24hp Honda for about a week. It was a good bit quiter than the kaw, but didnt seem to have quite as much torque as the 23kaw. Everything we have has kaw's motors, so I am kinda partial. I dont think you could go wrong with either. The Turf Tiger I think is too big to get into tight places. I would only get the Turf Tiger if I was getting a larger deck.

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