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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SR Lawn Care, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. SR Lawn Care

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    I have never professionally removed a tree. I've removed several of mine own and some with uncles and other family.

    I've read on here to just charge my hourly rate plus dumping. That being said I've read other places I could get away with charging ten dollars a foot for a large tree. The tree has about a four foot wide trunk and stands about 50 feet tall.

    My hourly rate is 50$ and hour for labor but I don't see this taking me ten hours to complete. Any suggestions or guidance would be much appreciated. I've been a lurker on the site for years but never needed to actually register until today.
  2. DQL10

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    Here is a quote for 25 trees I gave someone on here. Now this is just drop and chop style but you can get a general idea of how it can be quoted.

    Tree Job at Birkdale Just Dropping Trees

    Stump Grinder $500.00
    Chainsaws $800.00
    Fuel $300.00
    Hard Hats x4 $140.00
    Sawblades $100.00
    Climbing Gear $500.00
    Total $2,340.00
    Markup 25% $585.00
    Total Fixed Cost $2,925.00

    Labor Hours Rate Total
    Super 30 $25.00 $750.00
    Mechanic 30 $25.00 $750.00
    Helper 30 $17.00 $510.00
    Helper 30 $17.00 $510.00
    Total Labor Cost $2,520.00

    Total Equipment and Labor Cost $5,445.00
  3. P.Services

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    your both a couple of idiots that need to get kicked in the nuts. Any one who calls it a "sawblade" has no business running the sawblade machine.
  4. DQL10

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    I never created the estimate wording. I just told the kid to type it up as I was on the phone with him. Besides that it wasn't the final quote just a quick one to get it on paper and then to revise it. Besides that, they "sawblades" are technically called "Chainsaw Blades." And as of your comment, it was just a helpful quick reference and that wording doesn't need to be used. It's apparent that this guy hasn't taken on this caliber of job and might be a little nervous or unsure about how to price it out as we all have been at some point in our careers. The least you could do is help him out instead of bashing both of us for trying to accomplish something.
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    I'm with you 100%

    As for the op, bring a buddy even if you plan on doing most of the work.
    If it's 4' wide at the trunk, you might have trouble climbing it, maybe look into a lift I'm assuming you have no climbing expierence and don't have gafts nor rope. Speaking of which, go buy some rigging rope.
    As for price, you're on your own for that. Just factor in all your costs,
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  6. DQL10

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    Also just re-read the post. You also might need to get a bigger chainsaw with a long blade to accomadate the 4 foor diamater trunk. Either rent one or buy one and figure that into your cost plus a certain percentage mark-up that you determine. Around here in Richmond, Va, most tree companies charge $20.00 a foot. Then factor in your cost for dumping and hauling. Or if you need to rent equipment also factor that into the cost. And if you dont have insurance that could be an issue especially the tree is close to building or other fixed objects. If its in a open field then chances are you won't damage much of anything, but things do happen.
  7. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    Leave it to the tree pros. An accident will probably be fatal.
  8. PerfectEarth

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    LOL! wow, this is awesome.

    Not directed at the OP, but I am very confused as to the write-up on charges for hard hats, climbing equipment (for just dropping trees)....etc etc... Are you saying you are buying all of this stuff and the customer for this job is going to pay for all of it? If so, WOW. I'd love to charge my customers straight-up for equipment I need to complete a job.

    Isn't this work better left to sub-out to a dedicated tree company? Are you insured for tree work?
  9. DQL10

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    No these pieces of equipment were dropped for just the chop and drop. Although not a bad idea to have. The customer never saw all the charges just the final cost.
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  10. SR Lawn Care

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    I'm not exactly excited about doing this job so I'm going to give her the quote that I've come up with and if she takes it great, if not then I won't lose any sleep at night.

    I have a guy helping me that has climbing experience and I have a few different chainsaws that can handle it.

    I'm charing her 500 for the tree and another two hundred for the stump grind and another hundred for hauling it off. So a total quote of 800. Maybe its too high, maybe its too low but I own all the equipment so I don't need to make too many purchases so my only big expense is time and I'll spend a day cutting a tree for 800.

    Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it.

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