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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cochino12, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Is there any website that will allow me to map multiple addresses? I am working on routes and could use some help. Thanks
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    What I recently did is went to a local blueprint place here in town. Among other services, they sell city maps. I bought a 36" X 48" city map that has the zip codes outlined. I bought different color mapping pins (thumbtacks were too big). I use blue for weekly accounts, green for bi-weekly accounts and red for chem app accounts. I can get a easy visual of what the best area to be serviced in one given day without doing a bunch of calculations. I am sure you could order a similar map online. It also has an index on both sides of the map. You can look up the street then correspond that with a gird on the map to locate the street, but I usually mapquest for that. That map cost me $50.

    You can use mapquest to schedule a route with multiple legs and it will draw the route out for you and give distances, approx total drive time and directions. My scheduling software Lawn Monkey, has an add on feature that has map routing. It intergrates with Microsoft Streets and Trips. You put in the addresses for your jobs for the day and it will draw the quickest route to take. It also cost an additional $700. Streets and Trips (the professional version) is somewhere $300. Something like that would particularly helpful if you had employees.

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