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    I have always used Streets and Trips for mapping/routing and it just isn't cutting it now (older version). There are too many new streets that don't show up.

    What are you all using and how is it working out for you?

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    Just get the updated Map on the current Version.

    I went from S & T 2000 to S & T 2008 for $ 59.00 a couple of years ago and I am still happy with that updated version. I didn't have to learn a new program which was a big plus. What I can't tell you is if your routes are saved went you install the newer version.

    I have looked at several Mapping/Routing programs and find they all are about the same. BUT none of them beat Local Knowledge. They don't route you on the back road short cuts. I believe they all get their mapping Info from the same place.
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    Mapping add on through qxpress. It uses microsoft map point. Very happy with the qxpress add on, but map point could stay on top of new streets and name changes better. Don't you use realgreen software? Why not use the mapping for it?
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    Real Green! If you are a small company and know your area .. Sure do it the old way. I have used Realgreen for over 5 seasons. It is unbelievable for handling several different jobs and mapping them. There is no greater waste of time than driving out 40 miles and not coordinating the pest control job that was due to be done while there. You can see the jobs on the map with multiple symbols. (New Customer, ASAP, Call Ahead, Perimeter treatments, Veg Control, Mosquito Control, etc) It adds up the $$ being charged , the square footage. We have too many services we offer.. Different liscenses with techs.. Waay too many variables..Real Green takes the thinking out of it. My office girl has it all figured out .. It's all about TIME!

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