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    In the 2004 Exmark catalog it states that the 2004 Exmark Lazer Advantage Series 52 inch deck 20 kohler has the Mapstop 200 ft. lb. clutch, but in looking at my mower yesterday I discovered that the clutch has a sticker on it that sais Warner? Whats going on here, is warner and Mapstop the same thing, or does my mower have the warner 125 ft. lb clutch contrary to what the manual said?
  2. GreenMachine102

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    None of you know?
  3. Tonyr

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    Same clutch I believe, I'll check mine later and let you know if that is wrong, but I'm pretty sure. I'm sure you would have a 200 lb clutch too on a '04 Z. Well a 60' deck now comes standard with a 200, yours is 52.....not sure, sorry.

    The Warner clutches are standard on most Z's now and are very, very good.
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    Post this in the exmark forum and Terry will get you an answer.

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