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    Vanessa, Sorry I just saw this. I received the same letter. My contract said all mowing or regular maintenance would be paid 30 days after I sent them an invoice. That never happened. I got a lawyer to work with their lawyer and after many months of back and forth I was paid about 70% of what they owe me. I have talked to other management companies I do work for that also contract from CW and they say they never have a problem with payment it's received within 30 days. Marathon just keep the money because they know you won't pursue it. Or if you do they will give you a settlement for much less than what they owe you. If you get a chance go on Google and look at their reviews on google. There's one up there from an ex-employee that explains all this and how they scam small business owners. I've also talked to a gentleman who used to work for them and he confirmed what the review said they even pay people to put 5 Star reviews on Google. I would get a lawyer and have your lawyer talk to the Sands anderson lawyer. If you find the time put up a review on their Google site
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    I also came on board with them about 6 months ago and about a month ago I picked up 10 more properties, mowed 2 times picked up 6 more and as I was mowing them a guy stopped and said he wantwasn't get paid and when he did the check bounced. I immediately felt sick also. Still feel sick everyone I think about it. Just found this forum and confirmed my gut feeling.
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    I actually did work for a national company for the first time and got paid within a week which was shocking. I got another request for irrigation repair at a pharmacy and looked this company up, apparently they don't pay on time or at all. I was supposed to do the work on Tuesday and decided to send this email

    Hi there, after talking with my business partner because we have had an issue getting paid from a non local company in the past we will need to be paid up front for the first work order. It is usually our company policy to take payment at time of service so until we can build a relationship I'm afraid we will need to stick to our policy the first time. We can accept email money transfers or a credit card with a signed consent form. A cheque would be acceptable as well but it will take a few extra days to receive.

    Please let me know what works best for you and I can email over a contract to have signed and scanned, and sent back to us. Thanks
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    Glad to see people are using the internet to warn each other of sneaky companies like this. I am an ex employee of Marathon and know exactly how they work. Basically do not ever do work for this company. Yes there contract is set up to go against you, yes they get paid, yes they will not pay you (or if they do it will be for much less than what you agreed upon). Vendor care is also a scam, its just a separate call line that goes to there attorney or someone else in there office. If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to message me and i'll get back to you when I can.

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