Marble chips in Cemetery Plot.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by johnnyjay, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Has anyone put down marble chips in a cemetery plot? I need some advice. I do the lawn maintenance in a cemetery. A lady has asked me if I could replace existing old granite stone (3 inches depth) in a 9 ft X 9 ft plot. Here is my estimate.
    Home Depot has mini Marble Chips for $2.93 for 1/2 cu ft bag weighing 60 lbs. On the bag is an estimate for 10 ft X 10 ft = 25 bags at 1 inch depth. 3 inches would be 75 bags costing $235 with tax. Three truck trips @ 1 1/2 hrs each would be required to pu 25 bags each at 1500 lbs on a pallet = 4 1/2 hours. I figure 4 hours to unload and spread 75 bags. Likewise, 4 hours to pickup the existing gravel and haul away first.
    Summary: Marble cost............$235
    My labor 13 hours @ $30 ....$390
    Gasoline for Truck.60 miles... $ 5
    Weed cloth cost................... $ 6
    Total Estimate.................. $636.00
    Are these figure reasonable and in line. Please elaborate.
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    you would really do better buying chips in bulk from a materials yard
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    9x9= 81 sq ft
    81 sq ft x .25 (3")= +-20 cu ft (less than 1 cu yard)
    20 cu ft x .5 cu ft = 40 bags (2400 lbs or one load on a f250)
    Home depot delivers

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