Market drops , 2 customers cancel

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mdirrigation, Aug 4, 2011.

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    I'm with ya. I'm ready to put more in while things go low. I'm behind on adding to retirement anyway, so now is a good time to make up for it.
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    We'll have to see what effect today's little slide has on the clients nerves...... I was hoping that things were starting to pick up but I fear we may start sliding backwards again. I guess the good news is that we're already running lean and mean right now so we're prepared this time should something happen!
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    A rotor is not a nozzle ... a MPRotator is a nozzle ... and they have a variable arc! I don't give a damn what class you want to put it into or what you want to call it.... at the end of the day it STILL will have a variable arc. You don't get to make up a new definition of "variable" just because it doesn't suit you in this case.

    Now if you want to take issue with naming ... why do you call a MPRotator a MPR? What are you really talking about .... a Rainbird MPR fixed arc nozzle, or any other matched precipitation rate nozzle ... or a MPRotator?
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    Maybe in the great scheme of things with the stock market crashing, our credit downgraded, 30 Seals dieing, London burning.... this argument over spray vans vs radius and arc adjustment multi-streams (HUNTER's description) is really important.>>>>> NOT
    Time to get a life folks
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    I think todays little 600 point little slide is just the beginning , I am predicting that the market will drop down to about 8700 , before it stabilizes . I have been running lean and mean for the last couple years , and its working well . I am fine if all I do are blowouts , Even if I dont do any I will still be fine. I think people are going to pull back on their spending till things settle down . dont jump in and buy now , wait a bit the panic isnt done .

    Is a nozzle that thing on top of the head?

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    I'm a big fan of averaging. Do it every month and when it drops you buy more. When it goes up you buy less. I'm also a big fan of having your bond portfolio be the same % as your current age. I'm also strictly no load mutual funds.
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    Ummmm ..... if my memory serves me correctly .... you are the one who started us down this path Pete.

    Since you want to be a nit picking fool ... then VAN only applies to the Rainbird adjustable spray nozzles given they dubbed the name. Toro calls theirs a TVAN and Hunter calls their a pro adjustable nozzle ... how about the other manufacturers. Which "VAN" are we talking about Pete ... VAN, TVAN, PAN ................? Which one do I get off the truck TXI? :dizzy:

    So I guess as long as people use anything other than a RB "VAN" nozzle then they won't be a hack in your book ..... right?

    At the end of the day ..... any nozzle that has a variable arc, including the MPRotator, will still be a variable arc nozzle.

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    So this is your life? Oh well whatever floats your boat.
  9. Kiril

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    Yup .... and yet another example of how you put your own shortcomings onto others. :clapping:
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    Well one part of that statement directly effects me, and the community in which I served. Not with the SEALS, but with a counter part in a different branch.

    Don't feel sorry for our hero's just remember them, and loved ones that served from home.

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