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    I have been watching everyone post their fliers, door hangers, ads, etc. and I can't stand it anymore.

    AND this is going to be more blunt than most posts BUT it is NOT meant to insult or instigate an argument because some guy is pissed that his flayers just went to print and everyone says that his layout "looks professional" and all.

    BE WARNED...if you are easily offended...DO NOT READ ON. I don't want any hate mail.

    This IS to help the guys on this forum. It is US who show up here to get the best information from our colleagues in the business. We are using this information (hopefully) to make us better at our personal businesses and to squash the competition in our respective towns (as they are not smart enough to log onto forums like this to get that "extra edge")

    Ok...Ok...calm down everyone.

    This is information that I (and my partners in marketing) use and it is proprietary. Realize, you are getting some good stuff...USE IT....Make some $$$$.

    When marketing, who's point of view are you using? From the ads on this forum, the answer would have to be "from YOUR viewpoint," when instead, it should be from the customer's point of view. I have said this before but it is worth repeating:
    The customer is NOT reading your ad worrying whether or not you give FREE ESTIMATES.
    Or is the old lady saying to her husband, "Harry, oh my lands, they are licensed & insured!"? Maybe she is thrilled you do snow removal as well. Get the picture?

    Marc Gamble says to Use This Quick 3-Question
    Evaluation Process, So You Can
    Be Sure Your Message Will Sell!

    EVALUATION #1: "Well, I Would Hope So!" When you make a
    claim, don't think about it in terms of words coming out
    of your mouth. Think of it in terms of words entering your
    prospects ears. Then you'll realize how ridiculous some
    claims actually sound. Whenever you make a claim, ask
    yourself if the prospect will immediately echo this
    response: "Well, I would hope so!"

    For instance, an insurance agency faxed me the following
    reason to choose them over their competitors: "We will be
    there for you when you have a claim." Well I would hope so!
    You're an insurance agency! Isn't that what you do?

    Statements like this have as much meaning as the hair-cutter
    telling you that your hair will be shorter after it's cut,
    as the gas station attendant telling you that you'll
    have more gas after your tank is filled, or the LCO promising
    a shorter cut lawn after they leave. Always, always,
    always ask this important evaluation question whenever you
    make any claim. Avoid pointless claims and it will improve
    your effectiveness by 500% immediately.

    EVALUATION #2: "Who Else Can Say That?" Pay close
    attention to this one. The question is not who else can
    do what you do. The question is who else can say what you
    say. And, the answer to that is "just about anybody and
    everybody". We consulted with an auto repair facility that
    was, by FAR, the most awesome business of its kind in their
    area of influence. They put competitors out of business
    every year and monopolized their marketplace in the process.
    Small problem: Even though no other business could even
    come close to performing at their level, their yellow page
    ad looked virtually identical to all of their cheesy

    Try This: Look at your ad and compare it to your competitors'
    ads. If you can cross out your name on your ad and replace
    it with the name of your competitor or vice versa, and the
    ad is still valid, you failed the test! You failed to
    distinguish yourself from your competitors. You failed to
    differentiate your business. You look like everybody else!

    EVALUATION #3: The Specificity Challenge. I could write an
    entire book on this subject. But, suffice it to say for sake
    of this newsletter, you need to quantify all of your claims.
    Businesses generally fail to create a compelling case to buy
    their product or service. Instead, they merely ask their
    prospects to buy without justifiable, rational reasons.
    Quantify your business in terms of:

    1. Specifically, How Are You Different?
    2. Specifically, Compared To What?
    3. Specifically, Why Can You Do That?
    4. Specifically, What's Your Advantage?

    If You Want To Distinguish Your Business From The Competition,
    Build A Case As An Attorney Would.

    You need to realize that your business is on trial. You're
    the attorney. And it's a life or death sentence. Your customers
    and prospects are the jury. What will you say that will convince
    them to buy from you? What kind of specific evidence can you
    produce to PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that they'd be a
    fool to not buy from you? Use your evidence to build and
    present your case.
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    excellent post very informativer
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    Very good information. Thank you Drumbo!

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    We always show pics of properties we do when presenting to the customer a reason we should be manicuring thier properth

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    Here is another try -

    Mowed Yards-Murray Turbo 1-Angles-Good.jpg

    Mowed Yards-Mall - Long View-Straight Lines.jpg
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    when people see these pics on my site the most common expression is " wow "

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    sorry i put the last one first here is the before pic :

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    Hey Drumbo. Are you just giving out some general advice. What is your advice to make a better newspaper ad?
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    I hear you Drumbo its all about the customer. He or she would say what can you do for me. Its like SHOW ME THE MONEY I SAID SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!! Anyways you know what i mean. LIVES LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO GET.

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