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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by wintergreen82, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. wintergreen82

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    So I have been searching but not finding the exactly what I am looking for. My question is what do you think of this upcoming plan for spring advertising. I am doing research now so I can have most of my material bought this fiscal year. I plan on doing a mass advertising campaign. It will consist of 100k flyer inserts into a local newspaper(50k per time, 2 week run), 10k postcards delivered last week of march and then again the second week in April, 10k flyers passed out to surrounding paper boxes, and finally 25k door hangers dispersed to surrounding communities and areas hit with direct mail.

    I have been in business for a long time and have the man power and equipment to handle just about any job and client. Just wondering if this may be a waste of money. We operate in a very saturated market, however I keep seeing continued growth and want to take advantage of it while people are willing to spend money.
  2. wbw

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    Just curious, how many new customers are you hoping to gain from this and how much will it all cost?
  3. wintergreen82

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    As far as customers, as many as possible...I really want to expand and have the equipment to do so. As far as cost goes I have 20k set aside for advertising so hopefully below that. I am still waiting on 3 print quotes
  4. pinecrestwoods

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    Not saying they won't work- you've researched it, but personally, I reach right into the middle of my papers without looking, pull out and throw away any silly ads and other stuff that will get in the way of me reading the paper.

    I do hope it works for you, though!
  5. drenchedlawn

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    Are you already pulling up on first page of Google search in your area for your website? This is where you should allocate some money. I did and am anxiously awaiting my new SEO optimized website. Then Im putting some money in a local magazine ( not expecting much but supporting the local economy :) )
  6. wintergreen82

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    I hear you on Google. No I'm not first and am willing to spend to get there. My website ppl really haven't been that great at helping with that. As far as the newspaper inserts I thought it was a low cost but maybe I'd be better off spending it on seo. I appreciate the opinions. I want to spend for the best roi
  7. wbw

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    I am thinking that you will acquire about 100 new accounts if you have the manpower to see them when they call. Obviously I don't know how many customers you currently have but 200-300 calls is a lot to handle in a short period of time.
  8. knox gsl

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    I have had very bad luck with newspapers, but door hangers seem to work well for me.
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  9. HBFOXJr

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    My personal subjective opinion is election years are duds, because everyone wants to see the new government before making any major decisions.

    The economy stinks as is, and I feel that it may be tougher than you think to crack that saturated market in meaningful numbers. That would be especially true if you are marketing in areas where you are doing little to no work, and have not pumped marketing before. The pump always needs priming and your well encompassed approach in a short time, may not do it.

    We're working a smaller market with more reps, with direct mail only to make in roads. Were probably 3 yrs away from any strong economic function. Minimized risk, maximize return.

    Some people buy different services in different ways. Some things sell by flyers and door hangers, other direct mail, phone, newspaper, internet. Find out what triggers sales.

    Market the heck to existing customers and maximize their value. Market to their neighbors. Scattering 10s of k pieces will really make for lots of drive time.
  10. AlohaMowing

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    Wow. I wish my budget would allow $20K for marketing. You must have been doing something right.

    As for me, when it comes to marketing I think the best return for the cost and effort is by magnetic signs on the side of the truck with a good, professionally designed logo. I assume you have those. Then vary the days you do your work, and try to be out working on Saturdays at least occasionally so people see you on the job and see your logo. And, of course, being parked at Home Depot or similar stores near the garden section so people see the signs can work for no-effort marketing.

    For anyone needing professionally designed car door magnets and other graphic design work Judy of Portable Graffiti Graphics is great to work with and very inexpensive. Check out (I hate to keep plugging her in my posts, but she is a gem. I've never met her except online and through her products.)

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