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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Williams Services, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Anyone else here do it? We're a new company, marketing to 2 separate cities, with about a half a dozen small towns in between and around them. We're putting out about 500-1000 flyers a day, targeting res. subdivisions. Yes, we're licensed. Without getting into any dollar figures, what do you folks expect our rate of return to be? We're shooting for a 1% or better. Each area visited will be revisited in about 2-3 weeks for the next 6-9 weeks.
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    Williams Services

    Branding a new company name takes time and money. Sounds like you have a plan. From what I have read about flyers and Direct mail and from what little experience I have had, Hitting them over and over again is the best results. First pass shouldn't get you as high a response rate as a 3rd or fourth pass. Be sure to have yellow page advertising to back up the Flyers. Some how the yellow pages make you a real business instead of a scrub. Toll free phone number is also good if you are marketing to towns that might be long distant calls. Since ANTS are the number one insect of concern in most areas, I have phone numbers that have the word ANTS(2687) in them.

    Trucks with good signs that stand out and clover leafing around present and new accounts has worked for me. I do not believe in paying customer referral fees. However networking with Lawn mowing companies I will pay a referral fee or provide some kind of incentive to refer my service. Sell one lawn guy on your service and he gets you 20 customers right away.

    Since I have never done a mass flyer or mailing, I would be interested in your response. You may want to give a discount coupon for first treatment with a contract.

    Now in talking with companies that do mass marketing like you are talking about. They tell me the cost of a new customer is $ 100.00 each. You may want to use the search feature here and read posts by Justmowit. They do mass marketing in the Dallas Ft Worth area for mowing only.
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    Thanks for your reply - I always enjoy your input. We got the first call today, about 4 hours after we finished up. We have offered a discount within a particular time-frame. Nothing major but enough to generate interest, I hope. I'll check out Justmowit, thanks!

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