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    I got a call from a guy today that used to work for a national turf care company in sales...looking for a job. He told me he could make between 12-20 closed sales per week going door to door for my company. Does this sound realistic to expect? Do any of you guys use d to d salesmen in your turf care business? If so, did you get good results? Thanks in advance for the help!
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    4 a day is not unreasonable... that would be about 1 outta 20 contacts by my math
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    I have never done wholesale Door to Door sales calls. However I have been successful clover leafing my present customers. Clover leafing is knocking on Doors or leaving flayers on the house around your present customer. I have a computer and printer in my truck. I will pull up a word file with a Flayer design and enter the name and address of my customer who is there Neighbor and print maybe 10 copies and pass them on both sides of the street. Hopefully My customers Dark Green lawn sells my service. This method helps to build tight routes and is as successful as the quality of your work.

    My take is let the guy do it on a commission bases. To give him the first month income from the accounts is more than fair. Your actual cost of advertising and then chasing the leads to sell them would be much greater. To find a guy that is willing to do your leg work is a rare find and if he is sharp he will soon work himself out of a job. BTW TG/CL uses this system but with sales guys who know nothing about the business and lie to the customer just to collect a commission check. The only Draw back to this is will your guy sell the right expectation to your customer??
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    Ric , who is making these post for you , it's not you , that's for sure .

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    The big companies such as TG and Scotts have been doing door to door for 3 years now. I have seen them do very well, but the big thing that made them show that they were getting desperate after awhile, was the pricing. I saw guys start each day with good pricing, but after 6-7 hours in the sun, you tend to do whatever it takes to make a sale, giving your lawn service a very bad rep.
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    Nope Just little old me on this computer. Unlike some members, I don't let my Employees have free run of my house or computer. Hell what I am talking about I am semi retired and don't have any employees!

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