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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Organic a go go, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Organic a go go

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    Thought I'd run this by some of you in case you've had the same kind of situations at trade shows etc.

    Im getting booths at some local farmer's markets to directly market to my customer base, up here the growers are short on product early in the season and the markets need to fill space so its a good fit. In any event the markets Im looking at require more GL insurance than I carry. I can either buy "event" insurance or up my coverage for a short period of time and then lower it back down afterwards. I may also have to hop on one leg blindfolded while singing God Save The Queen at the top of my lungs. Remains to be seen.

  2. ICT Bill

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    Like any trade show you have to weigh the possible long term profit with the short term loss of cash.

    If you believe you are in front of the right crowd and can generate some buzz, I say do it unless its cost prohibitive. I say, get the one shot insurance, if you do another show do it again.

    I have done a lot of shows in my life, probably close to 150, and I can never figure out the guys that sit in their booth while reading the paper or acting like they have no intention of speaking with you.

    I throw give aways at people, shout at them, juggle, they are all wearing a badge that says "Hi I'm Bill" so I say to folks: Bill, tell me how your day is going? or Bill did you see that really cool tractor over there? Often they will say "do I know you" and I point at their name tag and then I can engage in a conversation about what I do. The ice has been broken

    GO GO get 'em, just bring a lot of charisma and passion with you
  3. treegal1

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    trade shows are the best way to get the target audience, but bills rite dont just sit there go go get em. we gave out organic lemonade (86 deg outside) 1600 cups and 200 new clients. and we get email addresses so we can re reach some that are slow to convert. think peacock with flashy feathers when you set up your booth, get there interest but dont confuse them, keep it simple and on point.

    good luck and happy hunting.
  4. Organic a go go

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    You guys are right. I think it was Michael Jordan who said "you miss %100 of the shots you don't take". Course it helps to be MJ.

    I know we live in a litigious age but its hard to imagine how anything could happen in 15'X20' space at a market booth that would end up with me looking down the barrel of more than 1 million dollars in liability. We shoulda all been lawyers and insurance salesmen. I bet you guys carrying product liability have it a lot worse.
  5. lawncuttinfoo

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    How much GL do you need? I pay less than $400 per year for 2 million $. Not very expensive and a good thing to always have anyway.
  6. ICT Bill

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    No thank you very much, I've never been a corporate type person, but I play one on TV
  7. Organic a go go

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    Who are you getting that through?? Im paying more than twice that for about 1/4 of the coverage. Bumping up to a 1mil isn't necessarily cost prohibitive but it sure aint cheap.

    But good lord!! I can't insure an old beater with liability for that kind of money in Chi-town. You got a good deal.
  8. kyle39

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    I live 180 miles from you in iowa across the mississippi of of i 80. 350 dollars for 1 million 2 million aggregate.
  9. tadhussey

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    When we do trade show that require increased insurance, we've typically just done the one day or two day event insurance (but through our usual company, not the one the trade show offers). I think it cost us another 100 bucks or so.
  10. Andrew Kovacs

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    im umbrella 2 mill under a hundred
    call your insurance guy and make him work don't lay down!

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